Mother’s Day Gifts for Working Moms

Mother’s Day Gifts for Working Moms

Mother's Day Gifts for Working Moms
Mother's Day is coming up, and you're looking for the perfect gift for the working mom in your life. After all, between going to meetings, picking up the dry cleaning, and driving kids to soccer practice, she's a busy woman. On top of that, not only does she work hard in the office and the home, but she always has time for her family. Show her your appreciation with some of these Mother's Day gift ideas for working moms.

Mother's Day Gifts for Working Moms

7 Gifts for Working Moms on Mother’s Day

1. Fashion Bag or Tote

Moms have to carry a lot of things around with them, whether it’s bringing home work from the office or making sure diapers and other baby necessities are on hand. Get her an attractive bag that’s part function and part fashion to make it an accessory she’ll never want to leave home without. Popular options include gorgeous leather totes and striped fabric bags large enough to fit a change of clothes along with other personal items. Opt for more traditional colors and materials rather than trendy styles for a bag or tote she can use for years to come.

2. Coffee Maker

Mornings can be tough for anyone, especially moms trying to juggle getting themselves and their kids ready for the day. Make things easier for the mom in your life with time-saving appliances that increase the convenience of her kitchen. A new coffee maker with automatic settings can have her favorite roast ready right on time, while a single-serve coffee maker is perfect for brewing a quick cup as she’s heading out the door. This gift is perfect for any mom who needs that extra pick-me-up in the morning.

3. Mug

A new mug for home or work is a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift that’s sure to get a lot of use. Mugs come in all kinds of looks and styles – find one for Mom that’s a good fit for her personality. Options include artistic mugs with striking patterns and designs, cheery mugs with pictures of animals or encouraging words, and humorous mugs that will make her laugh out loud. Whether she could use a coffee mug for home or at work, this simple gift will make her smile every time she picks it up.

4. Planner

Help her stay organized and keep track of the daily demands on her time with a day planner. It goes without saying that working moms have a lot going on. While taking care of everyone depending on her, it can be hard for Mom to make time for herself. A planner is the perfect gift that will help her balance her time and keep her from taking on too much. Make sure she pencils in some time to do something for herself, too.

5. Spa Basket

Not every mom has the time or ability to book an entire day at the spa to unwind. Bring the spa experience to her home with a gift basket of luxury items that will make her feel pampered and refreshed. Spa gift baskets include bath items such as scented soaps and bath bombs along with lotions, candles, and more. To help her make the most of this rejuvenating assortment, find a way to occupy the kids so Mom can have a few uninterrupted hours to relax and re-center.

6. Diffuser

Relaxation comes in a variety of forms, and a diffuser is a great gift that promotes personal health and wellness. Small enough for a nightstand or office desk, a diffuser makes use of essential oils and releases a stream of humidified air for a breathable aroma that can calm, invigorate, or even encourage focus and productivity. A small set of beginner oils is a great accompanying gift.

7. Tablet or e-Reader

More portable and convenient than a laptop, a tablet is the perfect gift for the mom on the go. This versatile gadget has features that make it great for both work and personal use. She’ll be able to check emails and keep a calendar that sends automatic reminders of important appointments. A tablet is also great for entertainment, providing ample screen space for watching movies and TV, reading eBooks, playing games, or checking social media, and it can be easily tucked away in a bag or purse. This is one Mother’s Day gift that’s guaranteed to be a hit.