Most Crucial Pieces of Patio Furniture



The patio is a place for relaxation, dining, and fun. The right pieces of outdoor furniture can help you enjoy your patio to its fullest. These are the perfect patio pieces that you need to turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis.

Outfit Your Patio:

  1. Chaise lounge: The patio is a great place to relax during the summer, and a chaise lounge is the perfect piece of furniture that allows you to lean back and soak up the sun. Choose a chaise in a color that coordinates with the rest of your patio decor. Cushioning is also a key; an afternoon by the poolside can quickly turn uncomfortable without the right upholstery. Choose cushions in light-colored, absorbent fabric to help keep you cool while you catch some rays. If you prefer to take luxurious midday naps in the shade, make sure the cushion also has enough padding.

  2. Bistro set: Alfresco dining is one of the best parts of summer. Blanket picnics are always nice, but a stylish bistro set can double as an intimate spot for your sunrise morning coffee or a dusky dinnertime. With a bright color or ornate design, a bistro set can also act as a great accent piece for the front porch or an English garden.

  3. Dining set: While a small table is great for the back deck, you'll need a bigger dining set for a backyard barbeque party. Think about the type of atmosphere you'd like to create; a round table encourages more interaction among your guests while a rectangular table offers plenty of versatile, though less personal, seating. A table with fold-down leaves or removable center extension pieces can also be easily customized to meet the needs of any get-together.

  4. Chairs: When the guest list exceeds the table space, a few extra chairs can make up the difference. Opt for folding chairs that can easily be stored away when not in use. Choose wide-set chairs that will allow your guests to sit back and rest their plates of goodies on their laps. Camp chairs are another good option; they may be more casual than the rest of your patio decor, but guests who aren't able to snag a spot at the table will appreciate the mesh cup-holders and comfortable backrests. They, too, can be easily stashed out of sight until your next backyard bonfire.

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