Moroccan Interior Design Ideas

Moroccan Interior Design Ideas
Contrasting pieces and a sense of adventure are at the heart of on-trend Moroccan decor. Drawing inspiration from the high walls and breezy courtyards of traditional Moroccan palaces, this unique style brings the balmy refreshment of a desert oasis into your home.

Moroccan Interior Design Ideas

Moroccan interior design lets you revel in all the romantic character and intrigue of this ancient North African culture, without the long plane ride. Saturated jewel tones and intricate patterns play boldly against the warmth of hardwood and metal accents, while airy fabrics are draped in delicate canopies above oversized houseplants, layered rugs, and sumptuous poufs.

Mesmerizing Moroccan Interior Design


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Cultivating Moroccan style at home begins with the right color palette, and warm, earthy base tones are a great place to start. Sandy beiges and rich terracotta reds ground the space and make an excellent canvas for the dazzling colors and patterns you’ll be showcasing. Sheer canopies create a sense of motion and flow, with fanciful fuchsia tones that sizzle against the entrancing cool of turquoise and sapphire blue. Heavy drapes hung over windows and walls alike add weight and depth to the space, and can be ornamented with tassels or beaded charms. Geometric area rugs that mimic the look of arabesque mosaics are a Moroccan interior design staple that will make a striking statement on their own or carefully layered with other rugs for added padding and texture.

Sahara-Style Seating

Moroccan decor is crafted to fill your space without crowding it, and often blurs the line between where you would traditionally sit, stand, or lie in a room. Taking cues from Arabian tradition, seating in Moroccan interior design focuses on pieces that are low to the ground and easy to sink into. Sturdy round poufs stitched from supple leather are not only stylish, but also a durable and space-conscious seating solution. Low-profile Moorish couches and loungers feature hardwood frames that are perfect for reclined relaxation, with plenty of space for accent cushions, shawls, and throws. A well-placed neck or back roll will provide variation and personality, with the added benefit of extra support while sitting or lying down. Oversized pillows can be used to accent sofas and stools, or be strategically strewn across the floor as an invitation for friends and family to make themselves at home wherever they like.

Fine Finishes

Sleek and silky fabrics shine in Moroccan decor, but they aren’t the only ones. A carefully curated collection of unique accent pieces will give your desert-style retreat the finesse and personality it needs to become your own. Beeswax candles are an excellent source of ambient light that can be dispersed in colorful glass jars, placed in candelabras, or set free-standing on tables and shelves throughout the room. Pierced lanterns made from aged brass flicker to life with an arid glow that casts tinted shadows on mounted lattice works and wooden reliefs, and large Arabian arch mirrors reflect the enchantment of pristine desert pools. Accent tables made from hammered copper and glazed ceramic are perfect for displaying themed figural trinkets and florals. An oversized palm in a coordinated clay or metal pot will round off any Moroccan space, a fittingly fresh final touch for this timeless design style. For more tips on combining eclectic elements in your decorating, check out our Boho Chic Furniture & Decor Ideas guide.

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