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How to Master Modern Farmhouse Decor

How to Master Modern Farmhouse Decor

How to Master Modern Farmhouse Decor

What Is Modern Farmhouse?

Modern farmhouse has all the sweet nostalgia of classic country style, but with a few touches of the industrial here and there to pull it into the present day. Think of modern farmhouse design as if a quaint barn were renovated as a downtown bistro. It might seem like an unlikely pairing, but with sleek design and a warm look, it’s a match made in heaven. If a blend of matte metallics and cozy textiles sounds ideal, keep reading to learn the elements of modern farmhouse decor.


Timeless Touches

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Mixed and Match Patterns

With modern farmhouse, you don’t have to choose between hard city livin’ and soft country comforts. Stick to your modest roots in pillow, throw, and furniture fabrics. For example, cotton and linen add a farm fresh feel to a sofa or banquette seating. Bring in handstitched quilts, but downplay the vibrancy of floral, paisley, or patchwork designs. Think sterner stuff, like checks and stripes in soft blues. Toughen up your look with manufactured touches — shiplap, brick, or exposed beams make excellent industrial backdrops for a modern farmhouse interior.


Nods to Nature

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Botanical Prints

Together, farmhouse and industrial styles share an emphasis on sturdiness and function. It’s easy to bring them together with natural materials. Rugs made of cowhide or jute are staples of both farmhouse and industrial styles for their raw minimalism. Continue the blend of vintage and vogue with wicker and leather furnishings. Baskets, planters, and stools can all combine down-home ideals and sleek sensibility. For a breath of fresh air, bring in some greenery with a group of beautiful botanical illustrations.


Reclaimed Wood

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Reclaimed Wood

Bring in wood accents to warm up the high gloss of modernity. If you’re fully committed to the modern farmhouse look, install sliding barn doors for rustic family-friendly vibes. A wood bookshelf or console with a subtle wrought-iron frame captures the enduring materials and hearty nature present in both country and industrial styles. Decorative wood bowls and lanterns are small touches of simple sophistication, while wood bed frames and accent tables can make big visual impact with clean, cozy style.


A Titch of Kitsch

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Classic Details

You don’t have to toss the whimsical sculptures of your barnyard friends when you update your classic country look. Playfulness and simplicity should still have a role in the modern take on farmhouse style. Homey details like vintage clocks and walls signs, dainty flowers in glass vases or mason jars, and blue-and-white china plates should adorn your contemporary floating shelves or mantel. After all, you can take the farmhouse out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the farmhouse.


Whitewashed Palette

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Barn Doors

Whether you bring in white through sleek dinnerware, ceramics, or distressed furniture, it’s the perfect base for a modern farmhouse palette. Fresh and open, it has all the versatility needed for a little of the old and a little of the new. It can look very of-the-moment when used as subway tile in a kitchen. As a shabby chic finish on mismatched dining chairs, white can easily inspire pastoral images of a picket fence on the lawn. Bring in neutral shades of grey and brown to give modern farmhouse decor both a sense of country calm and industrial maturity.


Contemporary Contrast

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Industrial Touches

By mixing modern pieces of furniture with rustic decor, and vice versa, you won’t overpower or date your design. A piece of abstract art or a geometric rug can add just enough flair to update your country classics. For an interesting but subtle contrast, pair the sheen of industrial counter stools with a rough-hewn pine table or install a lustrous metal sconce on a shiplap wall. A flashy ultramodern piece might stick out in a casual farm cottage, so be thoughtful about your selection of contemporary decor.


Metallic Finishes

Modern Farmhouse Decor: Chandeliers

What does the hustle and bustle of the big city have in common with the backbreaking hours of plowing fields? Metal-based decor. Use galvanized metal storage or wire crates to pile up hand-me-down textiles. Surround your apron-front sink with chrome appliances. Throw on a smattering of copper pots and kettles to give your butcher’s block counters a futuristic shine. Bring in a brassy new-age chandelier to catch the glint of your old-timey tin roof siding. Whether it’s calling upon farming machinery or warehouse gears, modern farmhouse is all about practicality.

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