Mirrors Buying Guide

by Stephanie Petersen
Published April 28, 2010 | Updated February 10, 2015

Mirrors are one of the most versatile decorative accessories you can add to your home. Whether you are using them to check your reflection or to add flair to your home decor, you want your mirrors to be a perfect accent to your home. With all of the mirrors available, you may be unsure about which style would be the best. This mirrors buying guide is designed to help you decide which mirrors will complement your decor.

Styles of Mirrors:

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  • Mid-century modern:

    If you love the vintage look of a mid-century home, you can get the look quickly with the right wall mirror. A sunburst mirror is one of the iconic pieces, and because they're so popular, you can find a variety of variations on the look at all different price points.

  • Shabby chic:

    Antiqued mirrors are the perfect accent to a room full of furniture from estate sales and antique stores. Look for mirrors where the glass has the appearance of age, such as black flecks and a silvery haze. Or try ones with geometric art deco frames. These can also be a cool touch in a contemporary room.

  • Traditional:

    Louis XIV, known for his oft-duplicated, opulent style, was one of the first to use mirrors as decor. When you copy his style with traditional mirrors, you can create a classically styled room. A gold-framed mirror over a fireplace is grand addition to a room. You can also make traditional mirrors part of a gallery wall; hang traditional mirrors along with portraits and tapestries for the complete look.

  • Hollywood glam:

    The Hollywood regency style has an opulent look that harkens back to the silver screen glamour of the 1920s and '30s. To bring home this feminine style, try an oversized floor mirror with a white or gold frame. Rococo scrolls add to the ornate look, and a Greek key frame will get you the look, too.

  • World style:

    If you prefer the globetrotter look in your home, hang global mirrors to "reflect" your international tastes. Mirrors accentuated with such details as Peruvian hardwood, Mexican tiles, or Chinese calligraphy will all give your home a world-traveler look. You could mix these mirrors with eclectic pieces from all over the world, or you could stick to one region in your decor.

  • Country:

    Casual mirrors, such as a mirror framed in reclaimed wood, would be a perfect addition to country home decor. If you have French country decor in your home, you may like decorative mirrors with iron scrollwork frames. The rustic look of a mountain cabin can be accented with a pine-framed mirror.

  • Functional:

    Not all mirrors are about their decorative frames. Some do a job, like jewelry armoires or bathroom mirrors. If you need more storage in your home, think about function before fashion and shop for mirrors that can double as shelving. A full-length mirror will help you make sure your whole outfit looks put together; choose a floor mirror and you'll have a decorative accessory and a helpful mirror in one.