Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Mid-Century Modern Chairs

Mid-century chair in room
Top designer of the Mid-Century era, Charles Eames, said, "The role of the designer is that of a very good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests." This philosophy, embodied in the work of other Mid-Century designers like Isamu Noguchi and George Nelson, offers thoughtful design, style, and comfort to people everywhere. Now, Mid-Century Modern furniture and home decor are gaining popularity in interior design by creating a look that is nostalgic, trendy, and comfortable. In particular, Mid-Century Modern chairs have a timeless elegance that still offer a sleek, classic look today. From public cafes and laundromats to personal living and dining rooms, these chairs add a retro touch to any space.
Mid-century chair in room
Pair of white Mid-century chairs

Molded Plastic Chair

Originally designed in the 1950s, Mid-Century molded plastic chairs still manage to look both classic and contemporary in the 21st century. They are available in armchair or side chair styles and come in a variety of colors. Choose from a wood or wire base, depending on your style preference. These sleek chairs are particularly suited for a dining room or kitchen, as they are very easy to clean.

Mid-century bar stool

Molded Bar Stool

The Mid-Century bar stool is tastefully designed to add a classic modern feel to your home so you can enjoy comfortable seating while creating a timeless, streamlined look. And, at 28 inches, Mid-Century bar stools are just the right height for your kitchen bar or island.

Mid-century rocking chair

Rocking Chair

Elegant and simple, a Mid-Century rocking chair is perfect for a modern nursery or living space. Designed for comfort, the plastic seat is formed to fit the shape of your body. You’ll be rocking into relaxation and enjoyment for years to come.

Mid-century wire chair

Wire Chair

Create a modern look in your living space with a Mid-Century wire chair. The airy silhouette of a wire chair will make a beautiful statement in any room. This style creates a truly nostalgic look that is always on trend.

Mid-century chair

Organic Chair

Designed to mimic the natural seated position, this Mid-Century Modern chair envelops you in comfort. The curves and angles of this chair are visually appealing, creating a unique look for dining rooms, living rooms, or offices.

Wood mid-century chair

Plywood Chair

A staple of Mid-Century modern furnishings, this style of chair has filled many hearts and homes. Designed to fit the contours of the body comfortably without cushions, a molded plywood chair is both lightweight and comfortable.

Mid-century modern chair

Office Chair

Famous for its design and comfort, a Mid-Century office chair offers comfort all day long without sacrificing a sleek, minimal look. With its clean, trim lines, it works in all kinds of interiors, from classic homes to elegant offices.

Mid-century padded chair

Padded Chair

Mid-Century padded chairs are as popular today as when they first debuted in 1969. Built for all-day comfort, the padded seat rests above a sleek chrome base, which offers support and mobility.

Mid-century lounge chair

Lounge Chair and Ottoman

Pairing soft leather or tweed fabric with the sleek modern form of molded plywood, this Mid-Century lounge chair blends old-fashioned comfort with contemporary design. Find this legendary chair in a variety of veneers, fabrics, and sizes.