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Mesh Office Chair Care Tips

by Staff Writer

Ergonomic mesh office chair

When it comes to sitting at a desk all day, your office chair can make a big difference. Mesh office chairs are one of the most comfortable types of office chair available. The mesh material molds to your body, creating a customized ergonomic seat. Mesh also allows for air flow, keeping you comfortable all day long. If you want your mesh office chair to take care of you, however, it's important to properly take care of it. The following tips can help you properly care for and maintain your quality office chair so you can get the most out of it.

Caring for Mesh Office Chairs:

  1. Tension: Mesh is a great material for desk chairs since it allows air flow. The downside is that mesh can stretch out over time; to combat this, look for a web-tension knob to be included on mesh office and desk chairs. The tension knob allows the user to tighten or loosen the tension of the mesh material. As time wears on, you can tighten the mesh and keep your office chair supportive.

  2. Cleaning: As with most office chairs and office furniture, mesh office chairs need the occasional cleaning to keep them in the best shape possible. Vacuum all crumbs off your mesh office chair and follow with warm soap and water. This should remove stains, but if stains persist, gently dab them with a spot cleaner. Do not rub or scrub, as this could cause the mesh to fray.

  3. Wheels: While the seat of your mesh computer chair needs the most care, you don't want to neglect the wheels. If your chair doesn't roll comfortably and easily, it can become uncomfortable to sit in and cause undue stress on the rest of the chair. Wash the wheels of your mesh office chair with warm water and soap. You can use a cotton swab to clean inside cracks and other tight areas of your mesh office chair wheels.

  4. Hardware: Check, clean and tighten all hardware, such as screws and bolts, every few months. Loose hardware can cause undue stress on your mesh office chair, causing the mesh to stretch more in one area than another. If dust and grime collects around screws and bolts, it can cause the joints to become hard and brittle, increasing the chances of breakage.

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