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Anyone who is looking for the ultimate in sleeping comfort will be hard pressed to find an option better than a memory foam bed. Getting a full night's sleep depends a lot on the support of your mattress, and memory foam mattresses offer luxurious, modern comfort. You may have questions about this material, as many people shopping for memory foam do. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about memory foam beds, so you can shop for your new mattress with confidence.

Questions about Memory Foam:

  1. Where did memory foam come from?
    Memory foam was originally developed by NASA scientists in 1966, but inventing comfortable bedding wasn't their goal. Their actual purpose was to increase safety in the cushions of its aircraft. It wasn't until the 1980s that memory foam became a commercial product. Over the next two decades, it grew in popularity and use. Today, the product is used in mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, and more.

  2. What sizes of memory foam beds are available?
    You can find them in any popular bed size: twin, full, queen, king, and California king. You can also find memory foam toppers for all of these sizes.

  3. What makes memory foam beds so comfortable?
    The benefit a memory foam bed provides you with is customization. Memory foam reacts to the heat of users' bodies, molding to individuals' shapes in order to maximize comfort. When you lie down on a memory foam bed, it molds around your body, alleviating pressure points and creating the ultimate in comfort for a restful night's sleep. You don't have to worry about your memory foam losing its shape either. The material springs back into place every time. It also doesn't transfer motion, so if you share your bed, you won't be woken up by your bed partner's movement.

  4. How do I take care of my memory foam bed?
    Memory foam beds are no more difficult to maintain than regular beds. Make sure to rotate your mattress from head to foot on occasion, but don't flip it. For an extra fresh feeling, make sure that you change the bedding on your bed at least once a week, and you'll enjoy your comfortable bed for years to come. If you feel that your bed needs more freshening, follow the directions in our guide to cleaning memory foam.

  5. I've tried memory foam beds, and I found that I got too hot. Is there an alternative for me?
    Many people get hot while they sleep, and for them, there is gel memory foam. The addition of the gel allows for increased air flow, which lets hot sleepers stay cool while enjoying the supportive comfort of a memory foam bed.

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