How to Bring Home Mediterranean Style

How to Bring Home Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style is a refreshing trend bringing seaside chic to your home. No matter where you are, this modern take on an old-world aesthetic can help you feel like you’re basking on the beaches of Portugal.

Fresh Color Palette for Coastal Charm

To achieve the look of a nautical paradise, mimic the colors of the sea, sand, and sky. Mediterranean style, especially in Greece and Morrocco, is anchored in crisp blues and whites, with hints of cool, calm earth tones. Start with a cloud-white base for a carefree sense of spaciousness. Then add pops of soothing ocean blue through accessories such as throw pillows or rugs.

Bring in terracotta using vases and planters; the clay will warm up your palette for an extra serene staycation. You can fill your vessels with thematic decor like seashells, coral, or driftwood. Think playful, textured elements to escape to summer shores. Or add some fresh style by planting herbs to whip up Mediterranean dishes.

Patterned Tiles for Color & Interest

Eye-catching patterned tiles are an easy way to go global. As an added bonus, they keep you cool during hot, sunny days. For the look of authentically aged tiles , find pieces with a hand-painted feel in shades of blue, white, and earthy tones. Think fresh, light colors that evoke the feeling of being near the water. From simple geometric patterns to intricate mosaics, use antique-inspired tiles to create a dramatic glazed backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom.  Ceramics fit the theme, too; handmade dishes with intricate patterns can channel a Greek-Roman influence.

Natural Materials for Seaside Ambiance

Natural textures capture the simplicity of easy living. Their timeless neutrals also blend with Mediterranean style’s whole peaceful-coastal-village vibe. Choose woven organic fabrics like linen and cotton, and bamboo or rattan furniture frames. For outdoor pieces, look for sturdier weather-resistant materials like exposed wicker or teak. Indoors, you can use reclaimed woods to add story and character, whether in beams for your ceiling, mantle, or coffee table.

If you’re craving the organic, sculptural feeling of island cliffs and caves, incorporate pieces made from lightweight, modern faux stone. Decor in this material can bring in irregular shapes. The roundness feels welcoming and approachable, and it can symbolize the arches found in Mediterranean doorways and windows.

Breezy Curtains & Shade Sails for an Airy Oasis

The right curtains can help create a tranquil space that feels light and airy. Choose sheer drapes so sunny rays can stream in and bounce around, or curtains in flowy fabrics such as linen or cotton to invite the freshness of the salty air. For shade and privacy in outdoor spaces, consider installing shade sails to provide some relief from the heat and reflect the upscale aesthetic of a seaside resort.