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8 Essentials for Modern Global Style

8 Essentials for Modern Global Style

When you blend the crisp minimalism of Modern decor with eclectic Global flavor, you get a uniquely balanced decorating style. Not messy but not clean, Modern Global decor reflects a mature approach to free-spirited Bohemian sensibilities and practical Modernism. From textures and colors to furniture design, Modern Global home decor is a chic marriage of two very different styles.

Neutral Backgrounds

Light creams, greys, and browns make up the perfect backdrop for Modern Global decorating. A simple and neutral palette paves the way for the bold textures, patterns, and colors that make this style more eclectic. In addition to your wall colors, you can incorporate this neutral palette with tables, chairs, and sofas in calming tones.


Pops of Jewel Tones

Modern Global has a more focused color palette than the Bohemian style it comes from. Strike a balance between neutral and bright colors by using patterned throw pillows or a brightly colored rug to make your vibrant colors pop. You can find a middle ground in earthy browns, reds, or greens, but don’t be afraid to add bright purples, blues, and yellows into the mix.


Blended Patterns

Global chic decor embraces the bold geometry and bright colors found in patterns around the world. When paired with the blank canvas of Modern neutrals, these patterns really pop. Look to Japanese shibori, African wax printing, ikat, and other standout patterns in blankets, area rugs, and tapestries to decorate your home.


Mixed Styles

World cultures aren’t the only things Modern Global blends. This is an eclectic style that can take in different aesthetics naturally. Glamorous gold accents, Industrial iron fixtures, and Mid-Century Modern chairs look right at home next to heavy Traditional pieces and statues.


Plenty of Plants

Whether you add palm prints or real palm leaves, plants add an element of beauty to any room and work especially well with Modern Global decor. Palms, figs, succulents, and cacti all add to the Boho side of this style. For the nomads who are constantly adventuring, consider silk or artificial plants that will stay alive during all your travels.


Metallic Accents

The subtle shine of gold, bronze, or brass blends with the neutral and jewel tones found in Modern Global style. From candle holders to lamps and planters, these types of metallic accents will perfectly complement your decor scheme. For a bolder look, try using a gold or metallic mirror in a Modern Global bedroom or living room.


Natural Materials

Part of Modern Global’s dressed-down charm comes from a lack of overly manufactured materials. Natural fibers like jute, wicker, and cotton work well in seating, baskets, and rugs while other natural elements like wood, stone, and clay create an earthy, approachable feel in your room.


Comfy Floor Seating

To add a Moroccan twist to your Modern Global living room, consider comfy floor seating, ottomans, or poufs for guests. When paired with low tables, ornate lamps, and tapestries you can create an exotic atmosphere in any room with these unique seating options.