Influencer Picks: Mary Welch’s 10 Decor Must-Haves

Influencer Picks: Mary Welch’s 10 Decor Must-Haves

This guide is part of our Overstock Stylist Commentary series, home design tips written by industry experts.


by Mary Welch
Interior Designer

Born and raised in Knoxville, TN, Mary Welch gained a strong desire to experience LIFE but unsure exactly how to execute those feelings. Her passions led her to Colorado State University, and then to working in Denver and NYC for designers that still greatly inspire her work and philosophy today. As a designer, she hopes to directly connect with each client on a personal level delivering a space that not only speaks to them emotionally but also makes them see and experience the functionality of a space. Follow her at @mwfoxstasik


I am always looking for accessories that fill a space, look gorgeous, and don’t break the bank. Overstock provides high quality products that will make your home (and wallet) shine! Check out some of my favorite items I found on


Falon Indoor Modern Bar Cart with Tempered Glass

bar cart Shop This Bar Cart

Adding a bar cart is such a great way to bring in dimension and functionality while elevating your dining area. Multifunctional pieces are my favorite. This swanky bar cart can be used during a cocktail party for adults, or used as a hot chocolate or ice cream sundae bar for your kids’ sleepover. 


Styling tip: When the bar cart isn’t in use, you can display your serving wear, decor or picture frames. 


Emillo Brass Matte Black with 6 Light Bulb Chandelier

chandelier Shop This Chandelier

Y’all… When I tell you I love this chandelier, I mean I LOVE this chandelier. From the unique shape and angles, to the texture and materials, and the dimmable and customizable features, this chandelier will surely enliven your space.


Styling tip: Swap out the light bulbs for different shapes to add more light and create an even more personalized chandelier.


Design Art "Minimalist Graphics IV" Transitional Framed Canvas

canvas wall art Shop This Wall Art

I’m the daughter of an artist, so I value original painted pieces. But I’m also a working mom on a budget and I understand that one-of-a-kind pieces might not be totally feasible. These pieces are the perfect finishing touch and Overstock has a great inventory of wall art in their catalog.


Styling tip: Place this piece in a room where there are additional gold accents to create a cohesive space. I recommend the Falon Indoor Modern Bar Cart with Tempered Glass or Flatware Stainless Steel Karat Gold 16PC Set.


Aluminum Charger Plates with Hammered Design

charger plate Shop These Charger Plates

My girls love to set the table and these plates make for the perfect addition to any tablescape without the clean-up of a place mat. They’re also non-breakable, which is perfect for my 3-year-old! I’m in!


Styling tip: Adding a little metal to your tablescape provides some dimension and texture to your table design.


Oussum Cooking Kitchen Utensil Wood Spoon Set

Wooden Spoons & Holder Shop This Kitchen Utensil Set

Some of my favorite time spent is in the kitchen with my girls, teaching them how to cook and bake, especially this time of the year. This spoon set is totally practical for any kitchen setup. It’s the perfect combination of beautiful, functional, and non-breakable, which for me is essential.


Styling tip: Pair this set with some Dunroven House Variety Kitchen Towels to match the warm color palette of the acacia wood. Throw in the Salt and Pepper Stackable Holders Cellar Set for added depth and utility on your kitchen counter (a little typography in your kitchen doesn’t hurt either).


Grippa Classic Grey Stone Bookends

bookends Shop These Bookends

It can be tough to fill up every shelf in your home, but I’ve found that bookends are a simple solution to help break up the monotony. I love to use unique shapes and sizes when filling shelves or countertops, and these bookends do just that. 


Styling tip: Add these bookends to your shelves to bring in depth and diversity.


Nathaniel Hammered Nickel Pitcher

drink pitcher Shop This Pitcher

Okay, this piece is beyond gorg. The mix of textures from hammered nickel and resin handle are a perfect combination. It doesn’t get much better than this! Besides the visual qualities of this piece, it’s also totally multifunctional so you can get more bang for your buck.


Styling tip: When you’re not using this piece to serve drinks at a family meal or cocktail party, fill it with some seasonal foliage and place it on your kitchen counter for some added flare and height.


Marble Chain Decor

marble accent piece Shop This Marble Chain Decor

I bet you didn’t wake up this morning thinking, “I really need an abstract marble chain statue,” and that’s the best part about Overstock – you’ll find things you never knew you needed! This simple, yet high-end and impactful piece is the perfect way to provide depth. Plus, it’s a unique shape, which as you know, I totally dig.


Styling tip: Add this piece on top of a stack of books on your coffee table or on your shelves to add some variety.


Decorative Metal Footed Bowl, Grey

decorative bowl Shop This Decorative Bowl

I love anything that provides height and modern lines, and this bowl is chic, tall, and a great way to fill some counter space. Like I’ve said before, multifunction is the best and this bowl is the definition of multifunction. Use it as a serving dish or fill with fruit or a plant to add some greenery.


Styling tip: When not being used for serving, place this next to a stack of books with the Marble Chain on top of them to provide some diverse shapes to your space.


Dunroven House Variety Kitchen Towel Set

kitchen towel set Shop This Kitchen Towel Set

In my home, we go through more towels than I can count, and I know it can be easy to forget about them. But when you have towels that look like these, they’re not just towels anymore–they’re a part of your kitchen vibe. These towels are a great way to extend your color palette with kitchen art.


Styling tip: Spread functionality and design throughout your kitchen. Hang a towel on your range, one of the end of your island or by the sink.

There are so many great products on Overstock that will turn your home into a vibe!

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