Laundry Room Ideas to Make Your Life Easier

ironing board with baskets full of clean laundry

by Olivia Collins

Organization Specialist

There are two types of people in the world: the kind who truly don't mind doing laundry, and the kind who let their laundry pile grow to epic proportions and get creative with outfits all in the name of avoiding the dreaded chore. No matter which group you're in, we'll bet that your laundry room probably isn't as pleasant and organized as you'd like it to be. There's no reason to suffer while sorting clothes or lament when cleaning the lint trap! We've compiled the best laundry room decor and organization tips that might just transform it into your favorite space in the house.

Shelves and Drawers

"I have a front-load washer and dryer," you say, "I just keep all my stuff on top of those." And, while your thrifty use of existing surface area is admirable, you have to admit things get disorganized, knocked around, and fall into that mysterious crevice between the washer and dryer, only to be lost in the tangle of hoses and cords. Rather than brave these unsavory spaces of your laundry room, why not take preventative action and hang a few shelves or assemble some drawers to keep cleaning supplies in order.

Trash Can

Unless you plan on spinning it into thread or repurposing it for any other odd reason, give lint a place to go instead of letting it float around your laundry room like a disoriented dust bunny. Keep a mini step trashcan in your laundry room for easy disposal of lint and dryer sheets.

Laundry Pedestals

Doing laundry doesn't have to be a back-breaking process. A laundry pedestal can help raise your washer and dryer to a more manageable height, keeping you from having to stoop too much when dealing with frontload washers and dryers. Investing in laundry pedestals for your washer and dryer keeps you in good shape, and offers storage underneath to combat clutter.

Detergent Storage

Bet you didn't think even your laundry detergent and fabric softener could look beautiful! Storing your washing liquids in beverage dispensers helps you measure the perfect amount every time and prevents spills that come from lifting those heavy bottles of detergent, not to mention they make doing laundry feel fancier than ever. If you keep other cleaning solutions in your laundry room, re-store them in pretty glass spray bottles or mason jars to really create an organized look and feel.

Air Dry Rack

Some garments need to be air dried if they want to live to see another wear, no matter how badly you want to just throw it all in the dryer and walk away. That's why it's a good idea to keep a drying rack in your laundry room. Consider a wall-mounted foldout drying rack as you're removing your clothes from the wash. If you want to go full-blown DIY, hang a curtain rod stocked with coat hangers on the wall of your laundry room to keep things looking especially tidy as you hang things to dry.


A laundry room is rarely ever just a laundry room, it's also most likely the place your various cleaning supplies call home. To keep your broom, dustpan, mop, and ironing board from falling into a chaotic bundle in the corner, we recommend using plenty of hooks. Use 3M Command hooks if you're afraid to commit, or add a personal style touch with more permanent, statement hooks.

Wall Decor

Sometimes the reward of having clean clothing just doesn't cut it when it comes to motivating yourself to finally run that load. Make your laundry room pretty and inspiring with wall decals, framed photos, or other decor that gives you something to look at while you struggle to fold a fitted bed sheet.

Dry Erase Dryer

Go ahead, take a marker and draw all over that large, expensive piece of equipment - a dry erase marker, that is. Leaving dry erase messages on your washer and dryer can be especially helpful to communicate with family or roommates. Let them know whose clothing is running in the wash cycle or leave instructions for your kids on how to wash certain loads. Did we mention it's really fun, especially since it feels like something you shouldn't be doing at all?

Wash Bags

The washing machine can be a brutal place for delicates. If tangled undergarments and battered hosiery aren't your thing, invest in some mesh wash bags. These protect your finer threads from being tugged and torn during a wash cycle, but ensure they come out just as clean! Wash bags are also useful for taking the grime off a favorite pair of tennis shoes and restoring your kicks to their former glory.


Everyone loves stickers and labels. Whether it actually helps you stay organized or not, it at least gives the illusion of order. Use tags or a label maker to specify where things go and personalize laundry baskets or hampers. This simplifies the process when it comes to maintaining order in your laundry room. If you're a stickler for laundry sorting, labels can help everyone in your household know how to wash every type of load.


Have you ever emptied dozens of pockets and felt like you were discovering long-lost treasure? Keep your re-found riches in a catchall box or jar to sort through later. All the lip balm, crumpled receipts, and ticket stubs have to go somewhere. Plus, counting the change you're bound to find is basically like paying yourself for all your hard work.

Sectioned Hamper

This laundry room tip falls somewhere along the lines of "do it right the first time". A sectioned laundry hamper will help you sort your dirty clothes as you go along, rather than risking high frustration levels caused by sorting through a pile of dirty clothes when you decide to finally wash them. Invest in a three-sectioned laundry hamper to keep sorting simple for lights, darks, and delicates.

Lost Sock Station

Be the person who answers the age-old question, "Where DO all the socks go?" Hang a bulletin board and keep thumbtacks on hand to pin down wandering socks seeking mates. Soon, you might discover, your daily feeling of accomplishment will be directly proportional to your ability to wear matching socks.

Hang a Nice Light Fixture

This isn't so much a necessity as it is a super fun option to make your laundry room a little brighter. Hang a pretty light fixture to make the room feel more like part of a nice household rather than chore-time prison. This trick can especially brighten up basement laundry areas that don't get natural light.

Laundry Cart

You've washed them, you've dried them, and now it's time to actually put them away. Somehow the act of carrying a very full laundry basket and becoming an impromptu contortionist in order to keep the socks and underwear from falling to the floor just sounds tiring. Take things easy with a laundry cart that allows you to park yourself and your chores wherever you please while you fold.

Pretty Baskets

Wicker or wood laundry baskets are often sturdier than plastic or rubber baskets, and they seamlessly add to the rest of your home decor. Try creating a "basket station" in your laundry room so your pretty baskets are both functional and decorative. Hang them on the wall or store them on open shelves.

Olivia Collins

by Olivia Collins

Organization Specialist

Olivia is making laundry day less dreaded one tip at a time. A few of her favorite things are reading as a form of procrastination, hip-hop, dogs, Southern biscuits and gravy, bucket lists she'll never finish, and the satisfaction of painting over beige walls.