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Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

Laundry Room Decorating Ideas

laundry room decorating ideas

These modern laundry room ideas will help create an inviting space that flows with the rest of your home decor. With some practical—and fun—additions, you can create an multipurpose area that turns laundry time into “me time.” 

How to Design a Laundry Room

Decorating a laundry room doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Start by thinking about ways to make it more functional, then add some joyful finishing touches. Even small changes — a new clothes hamper, area rug, or laundry room sign — can go a long way toward making this space feel more practical, cheerful, and personal.

Optimize Organization

Consider organizing your space into four purposeful zones for:

Sorting: If you have the floor space, use a tilt-out cabinet or laundry hamper on wheels to sort darks and lights—and keep dirty laundry out of sight. After washing, put clothes into a designated bin or basket for each family member. This puts them in charge of picking up and putting away their own clothes.

Washing and drying: If your square footage is limited, free up valuable real estate with a stackable, compact, or combo washer-dryer. These options may give you the flexibility to add a storage cabinet or shelf, or install a utility sink for hand washing delicates or handling messes from pets and kids.

Ironing and steaming: Simplify de-wrinkling  with a sleek all-in-one laundry center complete with a fold-out ironing board, clothes hanging hooks, and plenty of storage for your starch and portable steamer. Whether you need to put a crisp finish on khakis or refresh a silk blouse for work, it’s the ideal setup to save time and space.

Folding and hanging: Modern drying racks and and laundry tables are less obtrusive, too. Keep an eye out for retractable, over-the-door, or wall-mounted designs that pull down and stow away when not in use. These are especially advantageous for walk-through laundry rooms that get a lot of traffic. Not laundry day? There’s nothing in your way.

Aim for Multifunction

A highly functional laundry room can double as a mud room, craft workshop, office, or much-needed hideaway for self-care. Keep your family on track with wall hooks, cubbies, and decorative message boards. Or, double your personal productivity during busy laundry days by adding a center island or laundry room desk and stool. You’ll have plenty of space to fold laundry, work, pay the bills, wrap gifts, or relax with a chapter of your favorite book — all while the laundry is running.

Create Your Aesthetic

When working with space and budget considerations, it’s time to think vertically and outside of the box. Open shelving in laundry rooms is on-trend — and less costly than custom cabinetry. Utilize the wall above your washer and dryer to keep laundry necessities easily accessible and attractively organized. Getting rid of clutter goes a long way toward creating the calmer, happier environment you crave.

Start by lining your shelves with woven baskets and labeled bins to stow dryer sheets and stain sticks. Then decant your liquid detergent, fabric softener, laundry pods, and powders into gleaming glass jars or dispensers. Putting everyday laundry supplies on display is a fun (and affordable) way to make them double as decorative accents. Swirls of ocean colored gels and crystallized scents are much more pleasing to the eye than original plastic product packaging. Glass instantly upgrades your space with a clean, apothecary vibe.

Decorating Ideas for a Laundry Room

The modern laundry room is all about making everyday tasks feel more satisfying and appreciated. That could mean bringing in a vase of flowers or artwork for an inspiring pop of personality, or even a well-deserved spot to put up your feet while you wait to change loads. It’s also a safe place to try out a new trend. Here are some laundry room makeover ideas to get you started.

Brighten the Walls

Ideas for new laundry room walls begin with a fresh coat of paint. Crisp white walls make your laundry space feel larger, while shades of blue, green, and yellow work to brighten and energize. Black and white color combinations boast a particularly modern appeal for the laundry room, especially when paired with wood, marble, and metal materials.

Peel-and-stick wallpapers, backsplashes, and wall decals also let you personalize your laundry room walls without any fear of commitment. Pick an accent wall and make it a bold focal point, or go with neutral tone-on-tone textures for a light, airy feel.

Accent Your Floors

The best types of flooring for a laundry room include ceramic tile, luxury vinyl tile (LVT), sheet vinyl, and laminates that resist heavy traffic and moisture. Classic tile patterns like herringbones are always popular, but to make the most of a narrow or galley-style laundry room, go with a statement pattern that sparks energy and positivity.

To update an existing laundry room floor, add a decorative rug to make the space feel like a natural extension of your cozy home. A runner-style mat placed in front of your washer and dryer creates a cushy, nonslip surface to stand on when you’re loading, unloading, and folding.

Light Up the Ceiling

All laundry rooms should have quality lighting for visibility and functionality. However, recent laundry room lighting trends have shifted from basic builder-grade work lights to fashionable wood, boho, and modern-glam fixtures that shine with sculptural interest.

If your laundry room is located in a lower level or away from a natural light source, look to slightly cooler (3000K), well-diffused ambient lighting to help you sort colors and complete tasks. Simple overhead lighting options include recessed ceiling lights and directional spotlights. But for a truly modern laundry room update, replace your old fixtures with elevated hanging pendants, wall sconces, or sparkly mini chandeliers that turn up the style.

Add Your Finishing Touches

Modern laundry room updates blend practical features with fun, decorative accents. Consider the decor elements you love in other rooms of the house and bring similar ideas with you to do the wash.

Put a shine on existing cabinets with gleaming drawer pulls and knobs. Breathe new life into a dark corner with real or faux greenery hung from above. Decorative wall art has also found its way into the laundry room with designs that are whimsical, edgy, or modern farmhouse inspired. It doesn’t matter if you have an expansive laundry room or a hallway laundry closet. These ideas to decorate a laundry room can help you create a joyfully functional space that’s well-appointed and worthy of your time.