Latest Trends in Dining Table Sets

Latest Trends in Dining Table Sets

7-piece dining set
You spend some of the most important times of your life in your dining room, getting together with friends and family, celebrating holidays and birthdays. It should be a room that makes you happy. If you like contemporary style, you'll love incorporating the latest decor trends into the room. An on-trend dining table set can establish the design theme of the space, so it will be easy to create the stylish dining room you want.
7-piece dining set

Dining Table Set Trends:

Textured neutrals:

An all-neutral color palette feels fresh and clean. The trick to decorating a whole room in neutral colors is to use a lot of texture. So even if your dining table is a similar color to your chairs, it could be a rustic wood with lots of graining. Shop for beige linen chairs or tufted cream microsuede chairs, either of which will give you the look while adding the textured feel. Place this dining set on a neutral rug with even more texture and add a crystal chandelier to complete the design. If you want a pop of color, set the table with bright-colored dishes or use vibrant flowers as a centerpiece.

Modern rustic:

The key to getting this look is to mix your materials. Start with a rustic table: It could be a farmhouse-style table or maybe one made of reclaimed wood. Visible wood graining and a thick table top will help you get the feeling right. Now look for chairs in a modern material: Metal chairs or plastic chairs would work well. You could even choose chairs in bold colors, or look for cool, clear polycarbonate chairs. Anchor the space with a traditional area rug with warm tones, like red or orange. Top it all off with a light fixture of your choice: rustic, modern, or traditional.

Dark wood with light upholstery:

High-contrast dining sets are one of the hottest trends in dining furniture. Espresso brown wood tables and cream upholstered chairs go together beautifully. It’s visually interesting, and automatically makes the whole room feel warm and inviting. This is a rich look that is best complemented with a crystal chandelier. The feeling is a bit dramatic, so you can hang oversized art in the dining room and it won’t overwhelm the space.

Bold table legs:

If you’re ready to make a serious style statement, look for a dining table that has unique legs. These could be pedestals, X-shapes, or columns. Generally, when the table legs are this bold, the chairs in the set will be more streamlined, so they don’t detract from the style of the table.

Chairs and benches:

No matter the style, a dining table set can be a bit more modern if the seating is a combination of both chairs and benches. Benches can take the place of the side chairs on both sides of the table or just on one side. It gives the room a casual feeling that’s perfect for less formal homes.