Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities

Latest Trends in Bathroom Vanities

Popular vanity styles range from ultra-modern to rustic to classic, and updating your vanity gives a fresh look to the entire bathroom. Whether you're looking for a master bathroom vanity or a powder room vanity, remember that this functional piece of furniture can dictate the vibe of the room and pull together all the other accessories. Consider your space and personal style, as well as these latest trends, when shopping for the best vanity for your bathroom.

Modern Styles

Define your modern space with a modern vanity. A modern vanity design often features straight lines and a polished look that can immediately transform your bathroom. For example, trendy, flat-front cabinets and chrome hardware can make an otherwise cluttered bathroom seem cleaner.

Modern vanities may come with a mixture of slatted open shelves, cabinets, and drawers to match your storage needs. You can also choose between modern bathroom vanities featuring both traditional and minimalist stylistic features, such as straight handles or rounded knobs.

Open Shelves

For an open and versatile storage option, consider a vanity with open shelves. Often built into the vanity using the same material for a consistent look, open shelves are the perfect storage solution for towels and other personal care items. Choose between steel shelves or glass shelves for an industrial look. If you prefer a traditional design, look for solid wood shelves.

Open shelves constructed with slats or a solid piece of material are great for powder rooms and bathrooms with limited space.

Double Vanities

Depending on the space you need to fill, a double vanity may be the best option for your bathroom. Double vanities that hold two sinks are common in new-build master bathrooms. Start by measuring your wall space, and keep in mind that double vanities generally cover up to 80 inches of space.

Once you know the exact size vanity that you need, consider the material, color, and preferred countertop material such as marble, granite, or quartz. Double sinks come in a range of sizes and styles, such as rustic, contemporary, and transitional, to fit your space and design preferences.

White Finish

White is the new black, and the latest trendsetters are filling up their homes with white furniture, including white bathroom vanities. A white finish on your vanity leaves your bathroom looking clean and modern. There are many variations of white that you can choose for your bathroom vanity, including pure white and ivory finishes.

Match your white vanity with a marble countertop for a truly minimalist design, or go with a dark granite matched with white cabinetry to provide a stark yet appealing contrast.

Granite Counters

Granite is a popular countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms, and it can fit into many different decor styles. Try a black galaxy granite paired with white cabinets, or a light beige rust granite with dark oak shelves. Functional and versatile, granite is easy to clean and provides a polished, trendy, and modern look to any bathroom vanity.

Industrial Design

Industrial design pops up in both modern and rustic bathrooms. Steel pipes, glass shelves, and pedestal sinks complement bathrooms with limited space or minimalist decor. Consider adding a clear glass sink or metal bowl atop your modern white bathroom vanity to add a touch of industrial, functional design to an otherwise traditional bathroom vanity.

Industrial bathroom vanity designs oftentimes feature less storage space than traditional vanities, so be sure to consider your storage needs before deciding on an industrial vanity.