Lake House Decor Ideas

Lake House Decorating Ideas

There’s something about a lake house that makes vacation more personal. This cottage-style retreat was designed to capture memories and uphold the spirit of a true, carefree family vacation. Decked out with inherited odds and ends or passed-down antiques, it’s a family affair of cherished memories. Your aunt’s old dining set, your grandmother’s cast iron cookware, your grandfather’s favorite rocking chair, and other beloved odds and ends are gathered over time to create the atmosphere you know and love. If it’s time for a refresh of your lake house decor, read about how to update your cozy retreat while embracing the unique history and personality that make this space your serene escape.

A set of cozy throw pillows, the perfect lake house decor element

Cozy Elements

Whether you’re coming in from a swim or curling up on a rainy day, plenty of blankets and throw pillows are a must. Keep these cozy elements within reach by stowing them in baskets and on chairs.

Wood paneling up-close, the perfect lake house decor staple

Wood Paneling

Before shiplap worked its way into the hearts of farmhouse fanatics, there was traditional, beautiful, no-nonsense wood paneling. Many waterfront homes use this paneling to account for how the home might settle or shift with the changing seasons; we love it for its raw, warm charm that lends intimacy to a lake house interior.

A lake house bedroom filled with family mementos

Family Mementos

In a family vacation spot, family memories take the form of eclectic clutter and add an extra personal touch. From family photos to touristy refrigerator magnets, these mementos always have a place in your lake house. Style these elements into a living room gallery wall, or use them as bookshelf accents.

A lake house accent chair, plenty of seating is very important in a lake house

Plenty of Seating

Vacation can be exhausting in the best way. Whether you’re worn out from swimming, boating, or watersports, you’ll always welcome cozy seating to sink into. Make sure there are plenty of places to sit, from plush poufs to rocking chairs.