Kitchen Tools You May Not Know Your Restaurant Needs



You know your restaurant's kitchen needs the right equipment to produce food quickly and without difficulty, but are there tools that could make your staff's work easier? These kitchen supplies could be the difference between a kitchen that serves food quickly and one that struggles to get plates to tables. Look for these commercial-grade kitchen tools if you need to ensure consistent results from your kitchen.

Helpful Kitchen Tools:

  1. Vegetable sharpeners: Decorative garnishes take your plate presentation to a new level, and a vegetable sharpener lets you easily create garnishes that will impress diners. Conical vegetable sharpeners let you create sharp angles on carrots and other root vegetables. The shavings make attractive garnishes as well. Use sharpeners on marzipan, chocolate, and even ice to finish desserts and cocktails with style.

  2. Wall-mounted corkscrews: While your bartender is busy serving patrons at the bar, he is also pouring wine by the glass for servers who have multiple tables waiting. A handheld corkscrew may slow him down, so instead, attach a wall-mounted corkscrew to the bar. Opening bottles with a stationary tool offers more speed and control than using a hand screw. If your bartender can work more quickly with a stationary corkscrew, then your customers will spend less time waiting.

  3. Pizza peel: Neapolitan-style brick oven pizza is gaining popularity. If your kitchen has a brick oven, then you know you need a sturdy pizza peel to move pies in and out. Wooden peels with long handles would be perfect for you because they are lightweight and do not conduct heat. A short-handled stainless steel peel works well with conventional ovens.

  4. Jar-lid wrench: Are your prep cooks being slowed down by hard-to-open lids? A jar-lid wrench will help them remove lids quickly. Made with either rubber or steel teeth, the wrench applies even pressure to the entire lid, allowing your cooks to open stubborn jars with less effort and fewer sore hands.

  5. Silicone molds: For baked goods and candies, silicone is preferable to steel or aluminum surfaces because its nonstick properties make removing delicate items easier. With silicone molds, muffins and cupcakes will be damage-free, and shaped chocolates will pop out beautifully. Silicone can also withstand the high temperature needed for baking.

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