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Kitchen Storage Buying Guide

by Christina Wright

Decorative baker's rack with wine rack, wine glass holders and several shelves

A well-organized kitchen is a great asset to any home or apartment. Maximize comfort and convenience with the right kitchen storage. The first step to figuring out what kind of kitchen storage items will benefit your kitchen the most is to take a look around your kitchen and make a note of all the problem areas and how much space you have to work with. If you have a spacious kitchen, you probably need kitchen storage of an organizational nature. The more space you have, the more options you have for adding things, like baker's racks and kitchen carts. For space-challenged kitchens, kitchen storage is probably a much bigger problem. Your biggest consideration will be efficiency. Read to discover both organizational and efficiency kitchen storage solutions, as well as the major kitchen storage products you can use in your kitchen.

Buying Kitchen Storage:

  1. Organizational solutions: For large kitchens, solving your kitchen storage problems may be as simple as adding a few good pieces of kitchen furniture, such as a baker's rack or a kitchen cart. But you can be as detailed as you need to be. Adding kitchen canisters and bins to your kitchen shelves for storing dry goods, utensils and small appliances will provide a place for everything to go, and you'll always know where things are. Wine racks and buffet tables are both attractive and convenient and can greatly increase the level of organization and sophistication in your kitchen.

  2. Efficiency solutions: For cozy kitchens where space efficiency is the key, there are many great options. A hanging pot rack for your pots and pans is visually pleasing, space-saving and convenient. Get rid of your bulky knife block and pare down your utensil drawer with a wall-mounting magnetic knife rack. A slim corner-shelving unit for holding organized kitchen canisters full of utensils or dry goods can significantly reduce clutter in drawers and cupboards while adding a touch of style to an otherwise bare corner. For more kitchen cabinet space, liberate your plastic trash can from underneath the sink with a lidded stainless steel trash can with a no-touch foot pedal for opening the lid. Drawer organizers are particularly useful for keeping track of all your flatware and cooking utensils, while Lazy Susans make it easier to take full advantage of your cupboards.

  3. Appliance garage: An appliance garage is a great way to store small appliances on your countertop without creating a big, disorganized pile of cords. An appliance garage is basically just a wood or metal box, either built into your cabinet scheme or added to your countertop, and it's the perfect solution for keeping your small appliances simultaneously out of sight and close at hand.

  4. Baker's rack: A baker's rack is a set of kitchen shelves, traditionally wrought iron with wire shelves, on which baked goods are placed to cool. Today, they are popular options for general kitchen and food storage. Many have small wine racks built into them. Use wicker baskets in the shelves to keep things looking clean and organized.

  5. Buffet table: A buffet table can be placed in the kitchen or dining room and used for storage and serving. It can simply be a counter and legs that provides a place to display appetizers or cocktails for a small party, food for a buffet-style dinner or just about anything else that needs to be on display for any occasion. Buffets may also have drawers or cabinet kitchen storage under the counter. Additional storage above the counter is called a hutch.

  6. Cabinet and drawer organizer: Cabinet and drawer organizers can help whip small kitchen areas into shape. Cabinet and drawer organizers are shelves or tray units designed to subdivide cabinets or drawers -- particularly useful for storing large numbers of small kitchen items like cups, spice bottles, flatware, cooking utensils and salt and pepper shakers.

  7. Countertop accessories: If you have a small kitchen, you may be worried about putting more things on the counter, but accessories like breadboxes, spice racks, towel holders and mini Lazy Susans are designed to take up very little space while maximizing the efficiency and usefulness of your kitchen.

  8. Hanging pot rack: A pot rack is a metal or wooden rack from which pots and pans are hung. Pot racks are usually ceiling-mounted over the stove or island, but they may also be mounted on the wall. Wall-mounted pot racks make good use of potentially bare walls and are the perfect solution for kitchens with high or vaulted ceilings.

  9. Kitchen cart: A rolling kitchen cart with worktop, drawers, shelves and a towel rack can be a very smart kitchen storage investment. In the kitchen, a kitchen cart is an additional work and storage space; in the dining room, it's a rolling buffet. Many kitchen carts have drop leaves for extra counter space. If it doesn't have wheels, it may be called a kitchen island.

  10. Lazy Susan: A Lazy Susan is an excellent way to create space within cabinets and cupboards. A Lazy Susan is a rotating shelving unit, often with multiple levels. The rotating feature allows you to access items in the back of the cupboard without having to reach in and grope around for what you're looking for. Simply spin the Lazy Susan to bring items from the back of the cupboard to the front. The multiple levels double the amount of surface area available in any cabinet. This is especially helpful for storing small kitchen items, like spices, canned goods and even vitamins and supplements.

  11. Storage canisters: Storage canisters help you organize your pantry and cupboards by allowing you to get rid of all those plastic bags and packages and putting your dry goods in safe, sealed containers. Storage canisters are particularly useful for sugars, flour, rice, pasta and other baking ingredients. Storage canisters often come in matching sets of three or four, so they are as much a decor element if you leave them on the counter as they are efficient storage options.

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