4 Best Kitchen Island Materials for Cooking With Style

4 Best Kitchen Island Materials for Cooking With Style

Kitchen islands are a mainstay of modern kitchens, with a gorgeous array of options when it comes to construction and materials. From industrial-style stainless steel to earthy natural stone and sturdy solid wood, kitchen island materials let you create the cooking ambiance you desire for the place you call home.


Granite Kitchen Islands: Beauty and Strength

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Granite holds a top spot in the hierarchy of kitchen island materials, and for good reason. The versatility and natural beauty of a granite countertop instantly updates your cooking space while offering one of the strongest natural surfaces for meal preparation. Considering the higher price point of granite, you’ll want to keep it in tip-top shape.


Marble Kitchen Islands: Enchanting Natural Stone

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Similar to granite, marble raises the bar for elegance, giving you a heat-proof and practically waterproof surface with one-of-a kind veining from Mother Nature herself. Just remember that natural stone is porous and can be scratched or stained unless you seal it.


If you love the idea of a stone surface but yearn for fuss-free maintenance, then engineered quartz may the perfect solution. These sturdy kitchen island countertops typically contain particles from quarried natural quartz that are mixed with resin for a highly durable and smoothly contoured hard surface. Due to the nonporous nature of engineered quartz, you no longer deal with stubborn stains, scratching, and sealing. The material is quite heavy, so having caster or swivel wheels on your kitchen island help if you ever need to move it aside for extra room in the kitchen.


Stainless Steel Kitchen Islands: Professional and Modern

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Are you a busy chef who bubbles, bakes, slices, and dices simultaneously? If so, then stainless steel is your best friend, especially on a kitchen island counter. Often equated with professional chefs, stainless steel gleams with contemporary appeal. Dash from a hot oven to a sturdy surface for carefree cool-down. Stainless steel handles pretty much whatever you sling its way. It’s also one of the easiest surfaces to clean, but it’s best to avoid abrasive cleaning products.


Wood: Versatility With Eco-Friendly Options

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Wood is often the mainstay material of kitchen islands, primarily for the base but also for its versatility on top. For meals to go off without a hitch, choose solid woods such as oak, pine, or walnut. They provide the stability you need for heavy countertop surfaces and storage cabinets. Woods allow a wide range of finishing options for the base, including distressing, tinting, and painting. For sustainable, eco-friendly options, opt for rubberwood and bamboo. Choose a butcher-block top for chopping, carving, and slicing to your heart’s content.