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Kitchen Island Buying Guide

Kitchen Island Buying Guide

metal kitchen island in a kitchen
When you imagine your dream kitchen, it probably has the perfect kitchen island and other kitchen furniture available to store your pots and pans, knives, dishes and appliances easily. Even without your dream kitchen, a kitchen island or smaller kitchen carts can offer some additional counter and storage space and give your kitchen a fresh new look. This buying guide will help you figure out how to buy a kitchen island table for your home and provide you with kitchen island ideas when you're planning your dream kitchen.
metal kitchen island in a kitchen

Buying a Kitchen Island:

Rolling Styles

If you thought kitchen islands were only a built-in feature of some kitchens, you’re only partly correct. Custom kitchen islands are only one option. If building custom kitchen islands in your home isn’t in the budget, try a rolling kitchen island. Mobile kitchen islands look just as nice as stationary kitchen islands, and they have the added benefit of being portable. Not only can you move your kitchen island around when you need to reconfigure your kitchen space; you can also take your rolling kitchen island with you if you ever move.

Kitchen Carts

If you’re worried that your kitchen may be too small to accommodate traditional kitchen island designs, don’t give up yet. There are many sizes and kitchen island styles to choose from. It’s entirely possible to find a kitchen island that is just the right size and style for your kitchen. With butcher blocks, kitchen carts, shelves and cabinets, you can increase the counter space and storage areas in even the smallest kitchens.

Benefits of Kitchen Islands:

Kitchen Storage and Organization

There are many types of storage available in kitchen island styles, from drawers and shelves to cupboards and cabinets. Before you shop for kitchen cabinet islands, think about the kinds of items you need to store in your kitchen island. If you have small appliances you would like to put away in a cupboard, look for kitchen cabinet islands that provide plenty of sturdy shelves to keep mixers or choppers in easy reach. Do you have too many utensils and too much silverware to fit in your drawers? Look for kitchen island designs that provide drawers and slots for all your spoons, knives and forks. When you have beautiful dishes or a colorful mixer you want to display, look to hutches or similar cabinets for kitchen island ideas. For more tips, see How to Maximize Kitchen Storage.

Additional Counter Space

If you’re constantly bumping into someone in your kitchen while making dinner, then you need the extra counter space and work area a kitchen island table provides. There are many styles of countertops available, from stainless steel and granite to wood. Stainless steel is a versatile surface for preparing food and cooling hot pans; it also goes with most colors and styles of kitchen decor. A tile countertop is similarly versatile and useful and will also easily match your pre-existing home decor. A granite kitchen island is elegant and durable, as is a wooden style. A butcher-block island is another excellent addition when you need more room to prepare food. For more tips, see our guide to the Best Kitchen Furniture for a Small Kitchen.

More Kitchen Island Features

Some other convenient features to consider when browsing kitchen island designs are towel racks, bread boards, drop leaves and caster wheels. Bread boards or drop leaves offer even more counter space while remaining compact and look just as nice as a granite kitchen island. Towel racks are nice to have at hand when you need them, and caster wheels make it easy to move your kitchen carts out of the way when you need the open space.