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Jessica Gezon specializes in content about sports, toys, kitchenware, tasty beverages, and pop culture. She has been creating online content since 2006.

Guides by Jessica Gezon:

  1. Top 5 Wine Accessories Sitting down to enjoy a great glass of wine is one of life's great pleasures. When you've treated yourself to a good bottle of wine, make sure to have the proper wine accessories on hand to complete the experience.

  2. Popular Materials for Cocktail Tables Bar tables, sometimes known as coffee or cocktail tables, are a quick and easy way to update any living room furniture collection.

  3. Tips on Choosing a Baby Monitor Whether you're welcoming a baby into your home or celebrating someone else's growing family, you're looking at a lot of choices in baby monitors and baby gear.

  4. Best Features of Computer Tables When outfitting your home office, it's important to choose office furniture that's practical as well as attractive. Computer tables, more generally known as computer workstations, are a valuable addition to any office.

  5. What to Store in Bathroom Cabinets Adding one or more bathroom cabinets to a room is an easy way to increase storage space. Once you've installed the medicine cabinet, you'll need to consider what to store in bathroom cabinets.

  6. How to Compare Cradles Few things are as much fun as picking out baby's first bed. Every parent hopes theirs will be the baby that sleeps through the night, and picturing your sleeping baby in a cradle is an extension of that dream.

  7. How Air Conditioners Work Keeping cool is an essential part of life during the hot summer months, and the right air conditioner will not only make you more comfortable; it can save you money.

  8. Top 5 Types of Birdfeeders and Birdbaths Attracting birds to your yard or balcony is an easy way to make any afternoon more entertaining.

  9. Top 5 Garden Accents If you're looking for a way to make your home stand out or just a way to show some spirit, then decorative garden accents are for you.

  10. FAQs about Garden Decor A well-designed garden can be a haven in a busy city, a mini vacation from your stressful job or a personal oasis in the midst of a chaotic week.

  11. New Trends in Kitchen Appliances Updating your kitchen can refresh your whole home; whether you're doing a kitchen-wide renovation or just updating some of the basics, kitchen appliances are a good place to start.

  12. FAQs about Patio Sets When the weather is nice, using your patio set to enjoy a meal outdoors is the thing to do. Instead of heating up the kitchen with your oven, why not grill, relax on the deck and enjoy the weather from the comfort of a great patio set.

  13. FAQs about Chaise Furniture When you're ready to give your living room an update, look to fresh furniture as a place to start. Living room furniture comes in many styles, and one at the front of the trends is chaise furniture.

  14. Outdoor Fireplace Ideas Making your patio more inviting can be as simple as adding an outdoor fireplace and some great garden decor. Outdoor fireplaces are popular not only because they provide a garden center point ideal for parties, but because they can extend the outdoor entertaining season well beyond the warm summer months.

  15. Why Buy Shot Glasses Well established as a party-perfect vessel for drinks, the shot glass is a legendary piece of barware. Shot glasses serve a multitude of functions and give any event the fun feel of a party.

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Updated February 3, 2015