Jacquard Bedding Fact Sheet

Jacquard Bedding Fact Sheet

Jacquard Bedding Fact Sheet
Jacquard bedding ensembles create a regal, romantic and luxurious look in the bedroom. Jacquard bedding ensembles are available in a wide range of colors and styles and are typically made with a blend of luxury silk or cotton materials to complement an elegant, majestic bedroom theme. If you want to create a stylish, opulent ambiance for the guest room, master bedroom or other sleeping space, make Jacquard bedding part of your room decor. Learn more about these beautiful bedding ensembles with the Jacquard bedding fact sheet below.
Jacquard Bedding Fact Sheet

About Jacquard Bedding:



Jacquard bedding, such as pillowcases, shams, sheets, duvet covers and bedskirts, are made with a woven fabric that is designed with intricate patterns. Common patterns include fleur-de-lis, silhouettes of flowers and leaves, and paisley patterns. Fabric used to make Jacquard bedding materials is created on a special Jacquard loom. Unlike other types of bedding material, Jacquard fabric is made with a raised design or pattern that is woven directly into the fabric instead of being printed or embroidered on top.



Jacquard bedding sets can be made with several different fabric styles and types. These include cotton Jacquard, damask Jacquard, silk Jacquard and faux-silk Jacquard. Some styles of Jacquard fabrics are made with tone-on-tone silk and cotton, while others are made with just a single fabric. Fabric designs used for Jacquard bedding sets may include satin, matelasse and brocade.



The intricate details of Jacquard fabric create decorative effects for different parts of bedding sets, including the comforter or duvet cover, pillowcases and bedskirt. Lighter cotton Jacquard bedding can be used for fitted and flat bed sheets. Jacquard bedding sets can decorate master bedrooms, guest bedrooms or any other bedrooms with a stylish luxury theme.



Jacquard bedding ensembles can be complemented with gold or silver thread accents, cording, fringe and embroidery to create an elaborate, luxurious design. Some Jacquard bedding sets can be accessorized with matching bed pillows.



When selecting Jacquard bedding ensembles, heed the washing instructions so that you can keep your bedding set looking new for years. Some Jacquard bedding sets are machine washable. Silk and cotton blends of Jacquard fabric can absorb stains relatively easily, and other types must either be dry cleaned or hand-washed in cold water.