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International Men’s Clothing Sizing Guide

International Men’s Clothing Sizing Guide

If the men's clothing you're shopping online for is listed in a sizing system you aren't familiar with, it can be a challenge to know what will fit. This international clothing size conversion guide will give you an easy reference when you're online shopping for men's clothing, including men's dress shirts and men's suits.

In This Guide:

Men’s Suit Sizes · Men’s Dress Shirt Sizes · Men’s Pant Sizes

Men’s clothing sizes tend to vary less than women’s because they’re based more on measurements. Getting accurate measurements is crucial to finding the correct clothing sizes. Check out the Overstock.com Men’s Measurement Guide for tips on measuring, and use the Overstock.com Apparel Size Guides to find your U.S. size.

Remember that, even with these clothing size conversion charts, men’s clothes from different manufacturers will fit differently. many times, clothes made by American manufacturers will have a boxier fit, while European manufacturers tend to design clothing for a slimmer man. Be sure to read customer reviews as well as product descriptions to learn as much as can about how an item will fit.

Men’s Suit Sizes

Sizes for men’s suits in the United States will be followed by S (short), R (regular), or L (long). Be sure to read our guide on measuring yourself for a men’s suit to get the right fit.

U.S. & Canada Europe U.K. Japan
32 42 32 S
34 44 34 S
36 46 36 S
38 48 38 M
40 50 40 L
42 52 42 L
44 54 44 LL
46 56 46 LL
48 58 48 LL

Men’s Dress Shirt Sizes

The size conversions for men’s dress shirts are based on the U.S. neck sizes, which are always followed with a sleeve length, measured in inches. Our guide on determining your dress shirt size can also help you find the right fit.

U.S. & Canada Europe U.K. Japan
14 36 14 87
14.5 37 14.5 91
15 38 15 97
15.5 39 15.5 102
16 41 16 107
16.5 42 16.5 112
17 43 17 117
17.5 43 17 122

Men’s Pant Sizes

Men’s pants sizes all over the world have two numbers: the first for the waist measurement and the second for the inseam measurement. The difference is that men’s pants are measured in inches in the United States, while most of the world uses centimeters.

Waist (in) Waist (cm)
28 71
30 76
32 81
34 86
36 91.5
38 96.5
40 101.5
42 106.5
44 112
46 117
48 122