Inspirational Cloffice Designs

Inspirational Cloffice Designs

What is a Cloffice?

A cloffice is a small office created out of a repurposed closet. Transform even the smallest closet into a dedicated and comfortable workspace with the right layout and furnishings. Crafters and children can also benefit from having closet offices for their hobbies and homework. For some inspiration, we’ve gathered our favorite cloffice ideas that you can personalize with DIY closet office essentials.

Closet Office Ideas: Transforming Your Workspace

Where to Design Your Cloffice

While a home office can virtually be anywhere, choose the most ideal spot for productivity. For example, if you require total concentration and less noise when you’re on conference calls, opt for a closet with a door. If you’ll need an open layout for your cloffice, a walk-in closet offers ample space. If you have an unused linen closet, the shelving can provide room for accessories and decor.

Cloffice Design Options

Once you’ve chosen the perfect closet for your office, you’ll rely on types of furniture that will fit into a smaller space. Multifunctional furniture pieces work well. Consider a ladder desk, for example; with enough space to fit your laptop and desktop accessories like a reading lamp, organizers for paperwork, and more, it’ll also have shelving space where you can add personal touches like artificial plants, picture frames, or whimsical decor accents like plaques with motivational words. For your comfort, test various working heights before picking out an office desk.

Another DIY closet office essential is a well-designed office chair. The mobility and efficiency of a  swivel chair can complement your space-saving cloffice design. Look for ergonomic molds to provide the support and comfort you need for long work sessions.

Doors On or Off

A smaller closet often has more space to work with if you remove the door, but you can still create a private office oasis. Placing a room divider in front of your cloffice will help create the level of privacy you’ll need if you’re prone to routine virtual calls while working. When it’s not in use, fold it and put it off to the side to keep your space accessible.

If you’re content with having an open office space and don’t require a door, you can opt to have your office space flow into whatever room it’s located. Place a beautiful rug that leads towards the entrance of your office space to distinguish and further personalize your cloffice.

Adding Shelving

Install office shelving to the wall above the desk or against one wall of the cloffice to store office supplies. For a smaller workspace, floating shelves take up less room. Their open concept also helps keep a micro-office from feeling closed off. Alternatively, cubby shelving can keep supplies below eye level under your desk for better focus.

If your cloffice already has shelving or bars, maximize their use. Closet storage organizers can hang from the closet bar to organize your office supplies. Depending on the position of your existing shelving, one of the shelves can serve as a built-in desk space.

Lighting Considerations

Since your closet office space will most likely not have any natural lighting, ensure you’ll have the light you need to stay energized for the workday. For example, wall sconces can illuminate a small space without cluttering your desktop, which both benefit your focus. Also, an adjustable gooseneck lamp is convenient for switching from reading to typing when you’re ready to get down to business. For soft, even lighting, place a string of small lights around the perimeter of the cloffice or hang it from an existing closet bar.

Decorating Your Cloffice

The limited space of a cloffice gives you an incentive to have a place for everything. Consider using a rolling drawer cart that can easily slide under a desk when it’s not needed. Rolling carts are especially useful for office equipment such as printers and computer towers. From drawer dividers to desktop caddies, office storage can keep everything else you need at your fingertips. Fabric baskets come in all sizes and colors to add interest and color to your cloffice. These finishing touches give your small space personality and charm without presenting a view of clutter.

The Essentials for Productivity

Since you’ll also have limited wall space, consider smaller, useful, and multifunctional office supplies like magnetic dry erase boards or cork boards for hanging up and writing down things you’ll need to review during your workday. That way, you’ll maximize your desk space and stay focused on your tasks.

Personalize Your Closet Office Space

When you have the furnishings and equipment you need, make your cloffice your own with personalized decor that reflects your unique tastes. Small, stylish accents such as vases, wall hangings, or paintings can help your office less like a closet and add to your daily motivation. A light-colored wallpaper can give your cloffice a polished look without making the space feel closed in. Plants are another cheerful home office closet idea, and hanging plants can bring in natural elements without taking up needed workspace.

Your office should reflect your personality and style. At Overstock, you can find closet office furniture to fit any size cloffice, and it all ships free.* We also have home office accents to brighten and elevate your work area. Design your personal home office nook or craft corner today with the wealth of furnishing selections and accents we have available for closet offices. Whatever style, texture, or color you need, Overstock is the place to find it.

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