Industrial Loft Decorating Ideas

Enjoy the look and feel of hip downtown living with Urban Industrial style. Exposed brick, metal, and wood elements set the scene for a city-styled industrial loft you'll never want to leave. Read on to learn how to create a sleek and trendy Urban Industrial space.

Urban Industrial Decor

If you love the energy of city life and the feel of a reclaimed industrial space, then you'll love what an Urban Industrial decor scheme can do for your home. Urban Industrial is a decorating style that blends exposed raw elements, such as brick and metal, with a modern eclectic twist to create a warehouse-inspired space that exudes youthfulness and style. While this trend is more popular in urban areas where loft-style construction is more common, the basics of Urban Industrial can be applied to any home. Use these decorating ideas to create your own stylish industrial loft.

Industrial Loft Bedroom

Industrial style loft bedroom decorating ideas

Welcome to the Urban Industrial bedroom, a cozy yet modern nook meant for rest and relaxation. Bring the comfort to this loft-like space by focusing on where you'll sleep. Every aspect of your bed should be inviting and uncomplicated, starting with a low-profile bed frame. Layer your bed with a comfortable mattress, simple and crisp white bedding, and plush throw pillows to create a sleep paradise you'll love falling into each night.

Soften the room even further by layering area rugs in your bedroom space. This trendy method will freshen up your bedroom with some much-needed texture and give it a lived-in look. You may also want to consider a sliding industrial barn door as a room divider. Whether it covers your bedroom entrance or the entryway to your master bath, it's a great Industrial addition that's totally at home in an urban loft.

Adorn your walls with black-and-white photo art or abstract modern prints to bring some culture to your space. If wall space is limited, then an industrial-themed bookshelf provides ample space for you to showcase souvenirs or your favorite travel keepsakes. Metallic accents, such as bronze nightstands or end tables, can be both functional and decorative. These elements will complement natural hardwood floors, brick accents, and exposed piping to form a cohesive Urban Industrial bedroom.

Industrial style loft bedroom with bed
Industrial style loft bedroom with decorative ladder

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Industrial Loft Living & Dining

Industrial Loft Living & Dining

Your Urban Industrial living room is a laid-back, sophisticated space that's perfect for hanging out with friends or relaxing solo on the weekend. Sticking with a neutral color scheme will allow the natural elements in the room stand out. Look for area rugs, throw pillows, and extra seating in greys, whites, and blacks. A tan leather sofa and ottoman are two colorful exceptions that combine rugged materials with plush comfort to help create an inviting atmosphere. Then, liven things up with lush plants and greenery to add color and another touch of nature.

Metals are another must-have in an industrial loft. Lighting is a great way to include brassy or copper accents. Modern-styled copper pendants and chandeliers make a bold statement while giving off enough light to contribute to the open, airy feel of the room. If you're working with a space that doesn't feature an industrial layout, you can tactfully incorporate graphic wallpaper or even brick veneers to give your home the urban edge you're looking for.

A loft-style home is open and accessible. Oftentimes, living and dining areas are separated by nothing but intent— allowing one room to flow seamlessly into the next. It's for this reason that your dining space will reflect many of the same decor choices as your living space. Eye-catching bronze or copper pendant lighting and a polished wood table that shows off its natural grain will center your dining area. If you prefer ambient over direct lighting, then opt for a bronze or copper chandelier to illuminate the room.

It's easy to increase your dining space by adding natural wood or metal barstools to your kitchen counter. Counter-height dining chairs are perfect for those who like a little more support. Make sure to stick with natural wood or metal for a consistent look and feel. Decor accents such as modern black-and-white art is a great way to dress up your dining room walls. You can also diversify with leafy green plants to provide brilliant pops of color to your dining landscape.

Industrial Loft Living & Dining
Industrial Loft Living & Dining

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