Industrial Furniture & Decor Ideas

Industrial Style


Industrial style draws inspiration from the warehouses and factories that populate the urban landscape. Exposed architecture like ceiling beams, iron reinforcements, and weathered wood all add to industrial design’s sturdy, laid-back character. Many modern spaces embrace industrial influences with concrete and exposed piping, creating an open, no-frills atmosphere. Whether you plan on resurrecting an old space or want to add industrial flair in your current loft, there are some easy ways to incorporate this stripped-back design in your home.

Industrial Color Palette

Color Palette

Aged, battered, and worn hues are right at home in an industrial interior design. Think monochromatic with well-chosen organic or earthy accents. Metal-based tones, like steel and iron, play a heavy part in Industrial design as do oxidation-inspired reds and blues. The addition of whites and natural wood soften and balance the palette.

Industrial Style Elements

Industrial Style Element: Metal


Rusted, galvanized, and corrugated metals are the bones of an industrial interior design. Whether it’s serving a purpose or purely for looks, metal, in many forms, is an Industrial powerhouse.

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Industrial wood wall art


Warm wood balances the coolness of metal. Whether it’s rough or refined, the wood in an industrial home has been places and seen things. Reclaimed and repurposed from its glory days of being the stage of an opera house or the deck of a seaside cottage, it now has a new purpose in your space.

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Industrial Style Element: Brick


Industrial interiors don’t hide behind perfectly plastered and painted walls. Industrial decor incorporates bare, broken brick and stained, cracked concrete. Take on a warehouse feel by embracing these details to nail an Industrial look.

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Industrial style leather pillow


Tailored and sleek, or weathered and worn, leather is best utilized in furniture and other upholstered accents. It’s the charming and classy counterpart to the all-things-utilitarian foundation of industrial decor. Leather is the soft touch that makes this space a bit more homey.

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Industrial Accents

Industrial Silver rivet mirror


There’s a nod to historical industry in these tiny pieces of hardware, bringing to mind airplanes and ships. They’ve been an industrial essential for a century, and now they’re a stylish and compelling detail in the furniture and decor of your Industrial home.

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Industrial style gear wall clock


Gears, nuts, bolts, and other behind-the-scenes hardware go to work in your space. The devil is in the mechanical details of your decor with clock gears and casters, pulleys and cables. Seeing how something works is not only fascinating but makes for riveting art.

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Industrial wire baskets


Cage lights and wire baskets put the finishing touches on an industrial home. A cage pendant light is reminiscent of Industrial places where light bulbs needed protection, such as mines and warehouses. In your space, they serve the same function but are also aesthetically pleasing. Wire baskets corral clutter, while being intrinsically industrial.

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Industrial reclaimed wood tray

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed and Repurposed – Reclaimed wood and metal are repurposed from old structures to have a second life in your home. An industrial coffee table made from old shipping crates, or an apothecary cabinet revived as a buffet table, tell a story and add historical depth to your Industrial home.

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