How to Wear a Tunic

How to Wear a Tunic

How to Wear a Tunic
Tunics, hip-length shirts or sweaters, have become a comfortable addition to many women's wardrobes. Longer than many women's shirts, but shorter than dresses, tunics can dress up jeans and give you a fun, modern look. There are many kinds of women's tunics of different lengths, styles and shapes. The trick is to wear a tunic in a way that is most flattering for your body.
How to Wear a Tunic

Wearing a Stylish Tunic:


Purchase a flattering tunic.

Keep in mind that the fit is meant to be loose, not snug, and the fabric should not be too heavy. A tunic top should billow and flow, not cling to the body. It should also be fitted somewhat in the neck and chest area so that you don’t look shapeless. If you want a tunic shirt that will flatter your shape, try a V-neck tunic; it draws attention up to your face and neck.


Accentuate for shape.

Some tunics have an empire waistline to define the garment, while others flow straight and have very little shape. For these kinds of ladies’ tunics, a braided belt is a good idea. Put the belt on about where your belly button is, not low on your hips. Wide belts that really accentuate the waist and are slimming look great with women’s tunics.


Wear the right kind of pants with your tunic.

Wide-leg or baggy pants and jeans aren’t flattering to wear under a tunic shirt. You will look bulky with all that fabric, and the length and style of the tunic top will make you appear heavier. Instead, wear leggings or fitted pants with a tunic sweater. Jeans are generally too bulky, unless they are skinny jeans that hug the skin.


Choose your shoes carefully.

Sneakers do not go as well with this look. Heels give a long and lean appearance with extra height, while flats are more laid-back and casual when worn with a tunic sweater. Match your belt to your shoes if possible for a more polished look.


Tighter or longer ladies’ tunics can be crumpled up to create attractive textures or worn with tights for a sleek, sophisticated look. Make sure to add a belt around your waist if your crumple your tunic a lot so that you don’t look shapeless.

Be careful when washing your tunic, because you don’t want it to shrink or stretch out and become an oversized T-shirt. A V-neck tunic will keep its neckline longer than a boatneck tunic will.