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How to Wear a Pocket Watch

by Staff Writer

Pocket watch

Things You Need:

  • Pocket watch
  • Chain of appropriate length

Most people these days use their cellular phone or wrist watch to keep track of time, but if you want something a bit unusual and stylish, you might consider using a pocket watch. There are many styles of pocket watches, and they are a good alternative for those who need their wrists free of jewelry for work. Since a pocket watch is also an accessory, there are aspects of wearing one that will affect your wardrobe choices.

Wearing Pocket Watches:

  1. Choosing a watch. Pocket watches come in many different styles and price ranges. Most are metal, but there are sport varieties that are made of plastic. Usually, a pocket watch consists of a round watch case with a spring-loaded cover that flips up to protect the watch face when it's not in use. Some do not have a cover but are encased in hard glass or acrylic. Metal watches can be crafted of brass, steel, gold or silver and often have an engraved relief decoration pictured on the front. This is usually either a pattern or an image of a scene, such as trains or leaping deer. Depending on what the watch case is made of, the decoration, as well as the watch workings, may be subject to damage if the watch should be unintentionally dropped. This is why most watches have a loop for attaching a chain or cord.

  2. Choosing a chain. Many pocket watches are antiques and should be handled with care. These especially should only be used with a chain to keep them safe. Some pocket watches come with a matching chain but others do not, which means you'll need to purchase one separately. Usually, people like a chain that matches the material and color of their watch, though the weight of the chain varies. Some people choose to keep several chains of different lengths to use according to where they keep their watch, which is dependent on their wardrobe choices.

  3. Wearing a pocket watch. Pocket watches can be kept in a shirt pocket, a pants pocket, a vest pocket or a jacket pocket. Many long coats still include a special pocket with a loop especially intended for a pocket watch. Wherever you keep your watch, you must make sure the chain is secured by a loop or buttonhole. This will prevent your watch from falling and breaking when you bend over or if you just lose your grip when holding it. If your clothes don't have such loops, they are easy for a tailor or seamstress to add to the inside of your pockets. You can also clip chains to your belt loops.

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