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How to Use Patterned Decorative Pillows in Your Home

by Amanda Mears

Patterned throw pillows brighten up a room

For a splash of unique style, try incorporating patterned decorative pillows into your home. The bold style they bring can be coupled with solid accent pillows for subdued flavor or mixed with other patterns for a fashion-forward look. You can use patterned decorative pillows almost anywhere in your home to infuse your personal touch and bring a revitalized look to old furniture. Redecorating with throw pillows is affordable and can often be the fastest way to change your home decor. This guide will provide a few tips on how to use patterned decorative pillows in your home.

Using Patterned Throw Pillows:

  1. Brighten up the bedroom. If your bedroom is looking bland, try coupling patterned throw pillows with solid-colored euro square pillows. Cover your euro square accent pillows with solid covers and artfully arrange coordinating throw pillows in front. For a luxurious look, try a few designer pillows mixed with custom-sewn decorative throw pillows that pick up on your comforter. If you have an extra chair or a chaise longue in the bedroom, try tossing a few coordinating throw pillows on it for even more aesthetic interest.

  2. Bring a fresh style into your living room. Breathe new life into a solid-colored couch with mixed patterned decorative pillows. When done the right way, mixed prints can look stylish and become a focal point for the room. The key to mixing patterns is to choose designs in the same color family. If you have floral print pillows, try throwing in some striped accent pillows into the mix. Pillows with a bold graphic can be paired with smaller patterns and still look great. Experiment with different looks until you find one that suits your home.

  3. Easily accessorize an entryway. A pretty bench with a few decorative throw pillows can provide a place to store shoes or extra seating for guests when placed in the entryway of a home. For a cozy look, try a country bench clad with gingham and plaid pillows. If modern is more your style, pick up a sleek metal bench and infuse some warmth into it with textured silk decorative pillows.

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