How to Use Multiple Area Rugs in a Kids Bedroom

How to Use Multiple Area Rugs in a Kids Bedroom

AUGUST 4, 2016

by Andrew Schneider Home Decor Specialist

Area rugs allow you to transform the look of a kid’s bedroom and mirror the personality of your little loved ones. Using multiple area rugs in a single bedroom or a bedroom shared between siblings can help tie the space together while still defining specific areas for play, sleep, or personal space. Ideal placement of multiple rugs in the same area can result in a bright and vibrant living space that children love to call their own.

Grey and White Area Rug

Add Depth and Contrast

Change the overall appearance of a kid's bedroom with just a few large area rugs. Use chevron-patterned rugs to break up and add contrast to rooms that have only one or two solid primary colors, or go crazy with area rugs that feature a variety of shapes and colors designed specifically for kids instead of traditional square, rectangular, or circular rugs. This allows you to create a sense of depth and draw the eye of visitors to the room to specific areas.

Yellow Area Rug with Lettered Blocks

Protect Underlying Carpets

Area rugs are versatile additions that can help protect underlying carpet or hardwood floors against the rigors of regular heavy stomping by little ones. Placing them under kid's furniture helps ensure that furniture feet won't dig into carpet or scuff floors when kids move around on their beds, and putting rugs under each set of chairs, beds or other commonly used areas adds an extra level of protection. Some specially designed rug pads feature barriers against liquids, which can keep expensive carpet or flooring safe and make cleanup much easier after an accident.

Grey Rug Pad

Cushion Hard Floors

Thicker area rugs can cushion hard floors under beds for children or in other parts of the room, ensuring that the minor falls that every child is familiar with are cushioned and roughhousing kids land on soft surfaces. Rug pads placed beneath each area rug in the room can add further protection against bangs and bumps as well as serve as protection for floors and underlying carpets. Using a rug pad under each rug also prevents rugs from slipping or becoming an unintentional toy for creative youngsters.

Kids Storage Chest

Highlight Storage Areas

Use one or more area rugs to designate specific storage areas in bedrooms. Brightly colored rugs pair well with darker-toned storage bins for kids, creating contrast and making these areas a fun and highly visible part of the room. Use multiple rugs of different colors to help organize the storage areas, letting kids know that dolls and action figures belong in chest on the red area rug, and maps, puzzles, and games go on the shelves in the blue zone.

White Kids Table

Create Personal Spaces

Adding multiple rugs can also help prevent confusion when it comes to shared spaces in bedrooms that multiple siblings occupy. Putting an area rug of a different color under each bed creates a personal space for the owner of the bed, and matching dressers and similar kid's furniture with complementary colors for each child furthers the theme of a shared room that has personal spaces for each occupant. Tie the whole area together with one or more themes to emphasize both individuality and togetherness with your decor.

Pink Kids Area Rug

Stack for Added Comfort and Appeal

Using multiple area rugs in a kid's bedroom lets you stack them for increased benefits. Create extra protection for both kids and floors under bunk beds by stacking two or three rugs in areas where kids tend to hop down before getting dressed in the mornings, and stack complementary colors in the middle of the room, where kids spend much of their playtime, for extra cushioning and to create a striking design sure to entrance both the young occupants and friends or family who visit.