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How to Use Bed Frame Risers

How to Use Bed Frame Risers

Bed-frame risers are an easy and affordable way to gain extra storage space in your bedroom. Elevating the beds in your home even just a few inches from the floor gives you full access to the unused area beneath those beds. Bed-frame risers create the perfect amount of space for items like storage bins and shoe boxes. If you're considering bed risers but are unsure as to how they work, you'll be relieved to know you can install them in minutes.

Using Bed-Frame Risers:


Determine what type of risers you want.

Two basic styles of bed lifts exist: block-like risers that are placed under each individual bed leg and oblong-shaped bed risers which have a slotted clamp that slides over the end of the frame itself and lifts the whole bed frame off the floor. Consider your bedroom and your preferences before choosing which type of riser will be the best fit for your bedroom furniture.


Lift one corner at a time.

Lift one corner of the bed so it is higher than the height of the riser. Place the bed-frame riser in position by either setting it on the floor beneath the frame leg for the rectangular box type or, in the case of an oblong slotted riser, by sliding the riser onto the end of the metal bed frame. If your bed is heavy, you may need a partner to help lift it.


Lower the bed into position.

Lower the corner of the bed until its weight rests evenly on the bed riser. In the case of a rectangular box-type riser, the leg of the bed will sit squarely on top of the riser.


Repeat the process with the other three corners of your bed.

The risers should be right at each corner of your bed frame, either supporting the legs or slipped over the end of the frame. Your bed will now be level, and you will have extra storage space beneath it. Make sure each corner of the bed is secured on each bed riser before putting any weight on the bed.


Use under-bed organizers.

Now that you have the storage space, use it wisely. Under-bed bins will keep the space tidy, so small items don’t get lost under your bed. Keep similar items together in each bin: Store sheets and blankets together in one bin, and store out-of-season clothing and shoes in another.