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How to Take Down Shower Doors

by Edward Jenkins

Shower doors

Things You Need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Utility knife
  • Caulk remover

If your shower doors are more of an eyesore than a sight for sore eyes, it's time to give your shower a facelift. Once you have removed the unsightly old doors, you can install new shower doors that will make your whole bathroom feel refreshed. Although there are several different types of shower doors, most of them are the sliding variety. No matter what type of shower door you have, the basic instructions for removal will be similar to these.

Taking Down Shower Doors:

  1. Remove the doors. Lift the shower door up to create a clearance on the bottom, and then slide the bottom part of the door over the bottom rail. Start with the door on the outside of the fixture and then move on to the inside door. Remove the inside door in the same manner.

  2. Remove the rails. Examine the mounting points for your shower door rails. Some shower doors have a small cap that must be pried off; others will have a visible screw. Remove any component needed to access the mounting screws, and then remove the screws. Start with the top rail, and then move to the bottom.

  3. Separate the caulking. Use a utility knife to remove or separate the caulking. Properly installed shower doors will have caulking applied to the bottom and the top. It may be necessary to separate the caulking before removing the shower door frame or rails.

  4. Apply caulk solvent. Clean up the areas you removed the caulking from. Purchase a caulk removing solvent to help you. Make sure the solvent is safe for use on your bathtub and walls.

  5. Fill the holes. Determine how you want to fill the holes left behind from the mounting screws. A simple tile grout will work well with tile walls. If the holes were drilled into your tub, you may have more difficulty filling them. A waterproof cap is an inexpensive fix but won't look as professional.

  6. Non-sliding shower doors. If your shower door is a one-piece unit (non-sliding), the process for removal will be slightly different. Rather than lift the shower door from the rack, remove the pieces mounting the door. In some cases, the top rails and the side rail with the door attached can be removed together.

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