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How to Style a Bed in 3 Beautiful Ways

How to Style a Bed in 3 Beautiful Ways

Your bed is the focal point of your bedroom, so knowing how to style your bed is the best way to enhance the look of the whole room. From starting with a gorgeous bedframe to using luxurious sheets and shams, here are helpful tips on how to dress a bed in three popular styles.

How to Style a Bed With Farmhouse Charm

HFarmhouse style bedroom

Farmhouse Bed Essentials

An iron bed frame makes a perfect foundation for a Farmhouse bed and adds a little industrial flair. Choose a frame with a dark, brassy finish and drape your bed in light, neutral-colored bedding to create a beautiful contrast. Crisp, white sheets topped with a checked comforter give your bed a cozy cottage style and keeps the look light and inviting. Pile on matching checked shams, white pillows, and light cotton or linen throws to give a plush feel to the bed you'll love to sink into at night.

How to Style a Bed That’s Simply Modern

How to Style a Modern Bed

Modern Bed Essentials

Embrace a Modern style in your bedroom with a low-profile bed frame featuring bold straight lines and tapered legs. Choose a solid wood frame with a handsome finish that highlights the natural grain of the wood. Your bedding should accentuate the look of the bed and the clean lines of Modern style - white bedding accented by simple geometric patterns or stitched designs complements a Modern frame well. Arrange bed shams and pillows with the same linear concept in mind. Stick to simple borders and frill-free designs that exude comfort with a minimalistic style.

How to Style a Bed for an Eclectic Look

How to Style an Eclectic Bed

Bohemian Bed Essentials

Combining an array of beautiful patterns, colors, and textures, an eclectic bed is one of the best ways to show off your unique style. Pick an upholstered bed frame in a solid color that can play a prominent role in your bed's color palette and set the stage for the rest of your bedding. Choose a comforter with a multi-colored pattern that complements your frame, and top the bed with a collection of pillows and shams in mismatched shapes, sizes, and styles. An Eclectic style lets you get creative with mixing materials and patterns, so you can create a look that is comfortable, fashionable, and totally your own.

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