How to Style a Bar Cart

Bar Cart Styling Tips


Glasses and barware, the first step in styling your bar cart

Start with Bar Cart Essentials

The first step to creating a stylish and functional bar cart is stocking it with fashionable barware. Choose a set of matching bar tools and a small ice bucket with a finish that complements the cart, whether that’s polished chrome or natural wood. These tools also lend style to your bar cart display when they’re not in use. Use a variety of gorgeous glassware to hold your drinks and flaunt your cart’s style. Colored glasses or metal can give your cart a unique, vibrant look, while colorless glass implies more of a classic elegance.


Add mixers and drinks to your bar cart, the second step in how to style your bar cart

Stock Up on Drinks and Mixers

Now, fill your cart with the ingredients for all your favorite beverages, such as soda water, bitters, and other mixers. Choose mixers with stylish bottles and swap your regular liquor bottles for decanters to give your cart an unbeatable decorative quality. Garnishes and other ingredients in glass dishes are great for adding color to your display.

Add bar cart decor is the final step on how to style your bar cart

Finish with Bar Cart Decor

Solidify the style of your cart’s arrangement with a collection of bar cart decor. Small potted plants and mixology books full of tasty drink recipes are perfect for adding pops of color and variety to the cart’s look. Consider adding a large statement piece like a statue or vase of flowers to grab attention. Your bar cart decor is your biggest opportunity to match the cart to the rest of the room and show off your style.

Bar Cart Decorating in 30 Seconds

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