How to Style a Bar Cart

How to Style a Bar Cart

decorated bar cart

A fashionable bar cart is a must-have for any hostess who loves entertaining guests. Since the bar cart is where the party starts, upping the look and function of your cart means a good time for all. Here’s how to style a bar cart to be the focal point of your next social gathering.


Start With Bar Tools

bar tools

The first step to creating a stylish and functional bar cart is stocking it with fashionable cocktail tools. Basic bar tools include a jigger, shaker, muddler, strainer, bottle opener, and corkscrew. Whether you opt for a classy or whimsical look, match the tools to your personality. The same goes for coasters, straws, and napkins. To round out the set, choose a small ice bucket with a finish that complements the bar cart, whether that’s polished chrome or natural wood.


Stock Up on Drinks and Mixers

drinks and mixers

Prep the cart for the main event: your favorite beverages. Typically, this includes a classic brand of vodka, gin, rum, tequila, or whiskey. Keeping a wide selection is a welcoming gesture, but sometimes less is more. Limiting your supply to a few standouts allows you to up the ante with pretty packaging and quality taste. You’ll want to gather multiples of soda water, bitters, and other mixers that pair well with your go-to drinks. These will also offer guests a non-alcoholic alternative.


Replace Bottles With Decanters


Now, fill your cart with a shapely containers for your spirits. If your liquors and mixers don’t already come in stylish bottles, then swap them for decanters to give your cart an unbeatable decorative quality. Keep the range of colors and patterns cohesive. If you’re a wine enthusiast, skip this step and opt for a wine rack or wine bucket on the bottom layer of your cart.


Layer in Barware

bar cart glassware

Use a variety of gorgeous glassware to hold your drinks and flaunt your bar cart’s style. Colored glasses or metal can increase your cart’s vibrancy, while colorless glass implies more of a classic elegance. You can corral similar glasses into their own corners to create distinct groupings or vary the heights and uses for a unique vignette. At the very least, you’ll want a variety of highball and old-fashioned glasses. Specific serveware, like champagne flutes and wine or margarita glasses, can be added in based on your preferences and social calendar.


Fill With Garnishes and Greenery

bowl of garnishes

Solidify the style of your bar cart’s arrangement with a collection of garnishes. Piles of citrus ingredients such as lemons, limes, or oranges in glass dishes will add a pop of color to your display. Small potted plants of rosemary, mint, and basil are popular, fresh-smelling herbs for bar cart decor. They’ll bring life to the display and help to make you look like a seasoned mixologist.


Add Height With Sculptural Objects

stack of books and a planter

Your bar cart decor is your biggest opportunity to match the cart to the rest of the room and show off your style. Consider adding a large statement piece like a statue or vase of flowers to grab attention. A stack of mixology books full of tasty drink recipes is perfect for adding variety to the cart’s look. It can also act as a base for a small snack tray or terrarium to bring in a little more dimension. Paintings or signage can be hung behind the cart to elevate the look of your display.