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How to Stretch an Ear Piercing

by Staff Writer

Gauged ear piercing

Things You Need:

  • Body jewelry pliers
  • Ear plugs or ring-style earrings of different gauge sizes

Some of the latest styles of body jewelry require you to stretch an ear piercing that would normally only accommodate a standard post or wire earring. With a little patience and a few minutes a week, you can stretch an ear piercing to accommodate even the highest gauge post of body jewelry without pain or the hassle of getting to your piercer. Simply purchasing the right posts and allowing your ear to accept the change will be a pleasure compared to the alternative method of having your piercer re-pierce your ear with the wider gauge needle.

Gauging Your Ear Piercing:

  1. If you currently are not using the ear piercing that you desire to stretch, start by inserting and wearing a standard post earring or body jewelry ring for one week. This will allow your ear to re-establish the standard opening in your ear and soften the pain of stretching the ear piercing.

  2. Now you will want to remove the standard earring and insert a closed ring of the next larger gauge in the piercing. Wearing the higher gauge earring for one week, or until it is no longer sore, will give you opening time to stretch to accommodate the gradual increase in gauge. Before attempting to use a larger gauge, make sure the piercing does not shrink when you remove the current ring.

  3. Repeat the weekly change with a gradual increase in gauge until you have stretched the opening to accommodate even the largest plug or earring.

Helpful Hints:

  1. Always use the pliers for opening and closing the rings to avoid damage to the earrings.

  2. Clean your hands and your ear every time you change earrings.

  3. Rotating the ring once a day will help to stretch your piercing and ease any discomfort.

  4. When you're ready to show off those newly stretched ears, visit the body jewelry department at We have just the jewelry you need to flash your individual style.

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