How to Store an Air Mattress

How to Store an Air Mattress

Investing in comfortable and easy-to-store air beds means you'll always have a soft bed available. In addition, air beds are fantastic for camping, visiting friends or accommodating house guests. If you have children, air beds are wonderful solutions for sleepovers. Air mattresses are typically made out of comfortable material, but you can add high-quality sheets, blankets and other bedding for an even more comfortable experience. Air mattresses should be stored properly when not in use. This will protect them from dirt and damage. Take a look below to learn how to store an air mattress.

Storing an Air Mattress:


Deflate the air mattress.

Open the air valve to begin deflating your air mattress. Beginning at the opposite end of the air valve, gently push down on the mattress and work your way toward the valve. Keep compressing the mattress until it’s completely flat and devoid of air.


Fold up the air mattress.

Lay your mattress out on the floor and smooth it out so it’s wrinkle-free. Fold your mattress in half and match the edges. Fold a second time if necessary. You may fold by length or width to fit the bed into the storage container you have chosen for the task. If you don’t want any creases in your air mattress, roll it after you’ve folded it in half. Make sure you roll it up tightly so it will stay rolled when you try to put it in the container.


Place the air mattress into a sturdy storage container.

Store your air mattress in a sturdy container made of thick cardboard or well-built plastic. If at all possible, make sure the box or container has a lid so your air mattress can be stored somewhere air-tight. Avoid storing your air mattress in a plastic bag. While the bag will keep your air mattress dust-free, it will not protect your mattress from punctures. If something sharp cuts through the bag, chances are that your air mattress will get damaged as well.


Store the air mattress in a closet, basement or attic.

Position the box on a high shelf. This will add protection to the air mattress in case of water leaks or damage. If the mattress becomes moist, the material may grow mold or mildew. If you follow these rules, then your air mattress will last you for many years.