How to Shop for Quality Cheap Jewelry

How to Shop for Quality Cheap Jewelry

If you had an unlimited budget, perhaps you would splurge on designer jewelry and wear diamonds every day. But, being selective and knowing your personal style can help you have a jewelry box full of gorgeous pieces without spending a lot of money. If you're looking to keep up with jewelry trends without breaking the bank, here are a few tips for shopping smart.

Finding Quality Cheap Jewelry:



Know What You’re Looking For

You have limited funds, so it’s important to make your purchase count. Do research and window shop for looks you love or would like to replicate. Then, make a list of pieces you’d like to add to your jewelry box and stick to it. If you’re shopping for a specific occasion, like the perfect necklace to wear to a wedding, keep the occasion in mind. When you see a look you love on Pinterest or in a magazine, make an inspirational board or mark the pictures that inspired you. Armed with research and a shopping list, you can keep your priorities and your budget in check.


Be Selective About Materials

When shopping for jewelry, it’s helpful to know what each piece is made of because this both affects its quality and price. You can get beautiful pieces for a great price when you opt for lab-grown or imitation gemstones and plated alloys instead of solid precious metals. When choosing gemstones, look for man-made options to get the look without the cost. For example, a low-cost stone like a created moissanite or zircon is a beautiful alternative to a diamond without the expense.

If you want colored stones, look for colored cubic zirconia or lab-grown gemstones, which are identical to ones found in nature but cost less. Metals such as silver, titanium, and sterling silver look beautiful on their own or plated with different shades of gold and are easier on the wallet.


Shop Seasonal Sales

The best time to find discount jewelry to add to your collection is during seasonal sales. Many retailers have storewide holiday sales near Thanksgiving, Christmas, Presidents Day, and Independence Day. These sales usually offer major discounts that could bring normally expensive jewelry into a lower price range. Keep an eye on your favorite retailers and sign up for emails so you can be the first to get coupons and know about online sales.


Shop for Sets

Jewelry is sometimes sold in sets that include pieces like a matching necklace and earrings. These sets help you score a great deal on multiple pieces with the look you love for a lower cost than buying each piece individually. This is perfect if you love a particular style, stone, or metal. Sets are great to wear together for a cohesive look, or you can wear each separately for different occasions.