How to Select Pet Toys


Pets love to have fun, and pet toys are a great way to make sure your pet is enjoying himself as much as possible. They're available for all kinds of animals, from big to small. Your pet will be thrilled with the best pet toys for his size and breed, but the wrong ones can bore your animal and even threaten his health. Fortunately, finding excellent toys for pets isn't difficult at all. With a few considerations, you'll be able to pick the perfect toy for your animal companion.

Selecting Pet Toys:

  1. Type of pet: The enormous variety of pet supplies available means there's a toy for every type of animal. This means you can find toys for your pet's species and sometimes even his breed. Before you start looking for pet toys, think about your pet's personality and what sort of animal toys would be best for it. For example, there are toys for dogs who like a mental challenge and toys for dogs who just want exercise.

  2. Consider size: When you're looking for pet toys, think about your pet's size, and make sure to choose toys that are the proportion for him. A toy that's too big for your animal will be useless, while a toy that's too small may pose a choking hazard. Make sure all your pet supplies are durable enough to withstand daily play for a few months; of course, if you have a large dog with a strong jaw, you will probably need to replace his toys more often than you would with a small breed dog.

  3. Remember environment: The environment your pet inhabits will have an impact on the type of toys he can enjoy. For example, an outdoor toy that is meant to be thrown and chased will be fun at the park, but if you need to keep an apartment-dwelling pet busy while you're at work, make sure to give him toys he can use by himself. Dog toys and cat toys that don't do well in several weather conditions, like stuffed animal squeak toys, should be saved for indoor play only.

  4. Achieve goals: Different pet toys can help your pet meet different goals.

    Pet Toys for Goals:

    • If you need something that will keep your pet busy and out of mischief, find an animal toy that will help curb bad habits. For example, giving a chew toy to your dog can prevent him from searching for a shoe to chew on. Giving a kitty something to scratch can help her not want to scratch your sofa.

    • If your pet needs some exercise, think about an pet toy that will get her moving. A ball works well for dogs. A laser pointer toy can get a kitty moving and chasing the red dot.

    • If you have a new pet in your home, look for interactive pet toys that let you and your pet play together. Playing with your dog or cat with interactive pet toys helps create a bond and relationship of trust between pet and owner.

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