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How to Select Men's Cross Jewelry

by Yu Qing

Man holding a cross necklace

Cross jewelry offers men the chance to express their faith and stay connected to their religion. Cross jewelry is also trendy and can add a rock star style to a casual or workday outfit. When shopping for men's jewelry, consider selecting cross jewelry for your collection. Men's cross jewelry is available in a wide selection of styles, from men's necklaces with cross pendants to gold cross bracelets. Religious jewelry is inspirational and stylish. Use our selection tips to choose men's cross jewelry and religious jewelry that will be meaningful to you, whether you prefer conservative cross necklaces, modern cross jewelry or natural cross pendants.

Selecting Men's Cross Jewelry:

  1. Check out different jewelry materials. When shopping for men's jewelry, you have many options. Cross necklaces and bracelets are available in gold, silver, leather, hemp and other natural materials. Gold is classy and durable, but sterling silver is more affordable. Titanium and tungsten jewelry is popular for its durability and masculine aesthetic. If you plan to purchase a men's cross pendant separately from your other jewelry, make sure that the pieces will match and complement one another. It is also important to choose bracelets and chains that will match your wardrobe and personality.

  2. Select a cross type. A gold cross looks sleek and modern, while a cross with diamonds is a luxurious way to express your faith. Large crosses clearly and proudly display your religion, while smaller crosses are simple and go well with other types of jewelry. Consider a dog tag with a cross etched in the middle if you prefer more unconventional jewelry styles. Gothic crosses are surprisingly modern, but they offer the rich architectural aesthetic of many 14th-century churches.

  3. Consider cross rings and watches. While men's necklaces are great for showcasing cross jewelry, rings and watches can also add a religious touch to your daily style. Choose a tungsten or stainless steel band with cross details or select a diamond cross ring. Watches with cross images on the dial or band are subtly religious and can be worn every day. Be sure to select the men's cross jewelry that will be personal and meaningful to your jewelry collection.

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