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How to Select Interesting History Books



With such a wealth of fascinating history books to educate and interest you, there is no shortage of compelling stories and facts just waiting to be read. History is one of the most widely read genres, allowing you to choose from subgenres like world history, American history, and military history. These tips can help you narrow your search to the history books that you'll be more likely to find engaging.

Selecting History Books:

  1. Identify historical periods that interest you. You'll have no trouble finding history books for virtually any interest. Before you begin your search, think about specific periods in history that you would like to learn about. For ancient history, you can look for a book chronicling civilizations in the classical era. You'll find countless history books focusing on the modern era, too, with subjects ranging from the Industrial Revolution to books focusing on the history and development of the computer.

  2. Check for history books about compelling events. You're not limited to expansive world history books or tomes about the entirety of American history. Detailed accounts of individual wars, battles, and other events may be more engaging for you than a general overview.

  3. Look for biographies of historical figures. Fascinating individuals fill in the details of the long summaries of world and military history books. Learn more about the people who actually lived through great world events in history books centering on historical figures.

  4. Read history book reviews from other readers. Reviews are extremely helpful when you're looking for interesting history books. Critics can do the heavy lifting for you by sorting through the latest history books and recommending the best of the best. Also read through reviews by regular readers for a diverse impression of books you're considering. Reviews can help you save time and possibly find history books you wouldn't have considered otherwise.

  5. Search for books by favorite authors. If you've read fascinating history books, research the authors who wrote them. Chances are they have written other books as well. Often, an author's writing style has as much to do with a book's ability to keep your interest in its subject matter. Authors' interests and fields of expertise may be what attracted you to them in the first place, making them a likely source for other interesting history books to read.

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