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How to Select Dog Clippers

How to Select Dog Clippers

Dog being groomed
Many dog owners save money by purchasing pet grooming supplies rather than taking their pets to a professional groomer. A set of dog clippers is an excellent investment for at-home grooming, but several factors must be taken into consideration as you shop for the right set. With several styles of dog grooming clippers available, you'll be sure to find a set that meets your expectations.
Dog being groomed

Buying Pet Clippers:

Determine How Frequently You’ll Be Using the Clippers

If you have just one dog that needs an occasional trim, a basic set of inexpensive clippers will be fine. At the other end of the spectrum, if you’ll be frequently grooming several different breeds of dogs, high-end professional clippers will be worth the investment.

Evaluate Your Dog’s Coat

The thicker his coat, the more power you’ll need from your clippers.

Clippers for Every Coat

For dogs with thin coats or coats that don’t require much grooming, consider a set of electromagnetic motor clippers for grooming. These low-maintenance clippers are typically the least expensive style of dog groomers.

For dogs with thin to medium coats that require more frequent grooming, pivot motor clippers are ideal. Pivot motor clippers also feature an electromagnetic motor that uses a configuration that gives it more power than standard electric dog clippers.

For dogs with heavy coats, rotary motor pet clippers will give you the power you need to work through the thick hair. Professional clippers use a rotary gear-driven motor and have a blade attachment to allow quick blade changes when pet grooming multiple breeds of dogs.

Decide Whether You Want Cordless Clippers

Consider your dog’s size and temperament. Cordless clippers are typically not a good idea when grooming large breeds because of the potential to run out of battery power before you’ve finished clipping. An advantage to cordless clippers over traditional dog groomers, however, is the ability to clip wherever the dog is most comfortable without having to worry about an electrical supply. If your dog has trouble remaining still, cordless clippers also allow you to clip without worrying about entanglement while dog grooming.

Look for Dog Clippers Sold with Accessories

You will particularly use the guide combs that snap onto the dog clippers. If you’re planning on grooming multiple breeds of dogs, you may need to purchase additional guide combs and blades. You’ll also need lubricating oil and a small cleaning brush, which typically are sold with pet clippers.