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How to Select Bicycle Tires

by Staff Writer

Good bicycle tires are a necessity

Replacing the tires on your bike is an important endeavor. Different types of bicycle tires are used for different circumstances. You wouldn't want to put tires used for mountain biking on your bike if you're just going to ride on your neighborhood streets and sidewalks. There are a number of things to consider when selecting any bicycle parts and accessories, like bicycle tires.

Selecting Bicycle Tires:

  1. Make sure the tires will fit your bike before you buy them. There are all different sizes of bike frames, and each one requires the correct size of bicycle tires. Getting the wrong size will make it harder to install them and ultimately harder to ride your bike. Consult your bike's instruction manual for the exact specifications before purchasing the tires.

  2. Get tires with treads that will fit your purposes. Different types of tires have different treads designed for specific purposes. There are tread designs specifically for mountain biking, racing or casual riding. The treads make the bike easier to ride and safer when used under these conditions. For example, the tread design on tires intended for mountain biking will have a lot of tiny grooves and crevices that enable the tire to work better on rough and wet terrain. Conversely, a tire designed for bike racing will usually have no treads at all, as not gripping onto the ground will allow the bike to move faster. Make sure you get the right type of tire tread for your needs.

  3. Choose a tire with the right integrity for your needs. Tires designed for mountain biking typically are thick and stiff, allowing them to take a lot of abuse. Conversely, tires made for racing bikes are generally lighter for better speed and easier maneuverability. If you're replacing the tires on a bike you already own, you typically have an idea of exactly how you use your bike the most. Buying the appropriate type of tires can save wear and tear on the bike in the long run. Consider your needs before purchasing the tire.

  4. Consider the way your bike will look with the new tires. Though it ultimately isn't as important as choosing the right tires for your needs, aesthetically speaking, it's important to make sure your new tires don't ruin your bike's appearance. Tires can come in virtually any color and still be effective. If you're shying away from a traditional black tire, make sure you're getting something that will go with the rest of the bike. Ensure you're getting a good-looking set of tires that will complement your bike.

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