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How to Replace Watch Batteries

by John Casteele

Four nice battery-operated watches

Things You Need:

  • Jeweler's screwdriver
  • Plastic tweezers

Watches are stylish, functional and fun to collect. Keep your fashionable watches functional with regular battery changes. When you need to replace watch batteries, you might automatically want to pencil a trip to your jeweler into your schedule. You can easily change watch batteries at home and save money in the process. With a few tools and a keen eye, you can replace watch batteries quickly and affordably. Use our tips to put new watch batteries in your favorite watch.

Replacing Watch Batteries:

  1. Create a work surface. Designating a proper work surface will help you to keep track of the parts and pieces needed to change watch batteries. Your work surface should be comfortable and well-lit. Place a soft cloth on your work surface to protect the face of the watch and help you keep track of your tools and watch batteries.

  2. Remove the back cover of the watch. If your watch has a snap-on back, you simply need to use a screwdriver or other stiff tool to pry it loose. If the watch has a latched back, you will need to undo the latch and then remove the back cover. If your watch uses screws to hold the back in place, remove the screws with a jeweler's screwdriver. Place all watch parts in a safe place as you work.

  3. Replace the watch batteries. Before removing the watch batteries, check to see which way the watch batteries are facing. A watch battery should be marked with either a "+" or a "-" to indicate whether it is the positive or negative side. The new battery will need to be installed with that same side facing up. To remove the old watch battery, you may need to move or remove a retaining clip that holds the battery in place. You can also use a pair of plastic tweezers to help lift the battery out from under the clip. Insert the new battery into the watch, positioning it under the retaining clip if necessary.

  4. Replace the back of the watch. Take special care in replacing the back of your watch properly to keep the watch and batteries safe and secure. You may need to press firmly to ensure that it snaps into place. Reset the latch or replace the screws and be sure to use all of the parts that you removed when you took the cover off.

Watch Battery Replacement Tips:

  1. Waterproof or water-resistant watches may have gaskets or additional seals that must be removed before the watch battery can be accessed. Many of these pieces are not difficult to remove and replace, but be careful not to lose or forget to replace these parts.

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