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How to Replace Skateboard Wheels

by Staff Writer

Skateboard wheels

Things You Need:

  • Wrench or skate key
  • Bearing-puller
  • Bearing oil
  • Soft bristle brush
  • Rag

Replacing skateboard wheels can be done quickly if you use the proper tools and know what you are doing. The steps listed below will help you learn to change the wheels on your skateboard and add new life to the board that has served you so well in your sports and leisure activities.


  1. Remove the old wheels. To remove your skateboard wheels, you will need an adjustable wrench or a skate key. Use the wrench or skate key to unscrew the nut from each of the four axles. Set the nuts aside and slide the wheels off the axles. If you are keeping the wheels, clean them with a soft bristle brush and dry them with a rag. Use the rag to clean the dirt and grime off the wheel-nuts and axles.

  2. Remove the bearings. When changing your skateboard wheels you will either need to install new bearings or use the bearings from your old wheels. If you plan to use the old bearings you will need to remove them from the old wheels. To remove bearings you can use your skate key if it has a removal nub or you can use a bearing puller. Regardless of which tool you use, be careful not to apply pressure to the bearing shield. A dented or damaged bearing will not last long. Use your tool to pry the bearing out. Apply pressure only to the edges of the bearing, not the face. Clean the bearings with a dry rag and oil them lightly using bearing oil.

  3. Insert the bearings. Use your skate key removal nub or your bearing puller to insert the bearings into the new wheels. Again, be careful not to apply pressure to the bearing shield.

  4. Replace the wheels. Place the new wheels on the axles and thread the nuts back on using your skate key or adjustable wrench. The wheels should move back and forth slightly. If they are too loose, they will wobble and if they are too tight, they will be difficult to move. Adjust the nuts until you have the right play in the wheels.


  1. Rotating the wheels every couple of months can increase the life of your wheels. The frequency will depend on how often you use your skateboard.

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