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How to Redecorate a Teenager's Room

by Tricia Goss

Teen bedroom

Redecorating your teen's bedroom is a fun job and a good opportunity to spend quality time with your son or daughter. You both know your teen is not a child anymore and has outgrown kids' furniture and bedroom decor. It's time to revamp the room. Use this opportunity to show that you respect and admire your teen's individuality and his or her taste in home decor. Involve your teen in the decorating process so that the end result reflects your teenager's tastes and interests.


  1. Furniture. Choose bedroom furniture that appeals to your teenager's sense of style but also provides plenty of functional space. Loft beds and storage beds increase floor space and provide storage, while a canopy bed or platform bed gives the room plenty of style. Use the extra room under a loft bed for a desk area. If your teen has frequent overnight guests, consider investing in a futon< to provide extra seating and additional sleeping quarters.

  2. Bedding. Allow your teenager to choose her own bedding design and colors. Get the new sheets, pillow shams, bed skirt and comforter she wants. If she gets bored with the bedding, she can always redecorate using new duvet covers and throw pillows instead of replacing the entire bedding set.

  3. Decorative accessories. Incorporate lots of accessories into the bedroom decor. Accessories complete the room and are a simple way to reveal your teenager's personality. Start from the ground up, with fun area rugs and floor seating, such as bean bag chairs and video game chairs. Update window treatments with wood blinds and new curtains to match the new grown-up decor.

  4. Color. Let your teen choose the wall color. You may choose to paint all the walls the same color or just one accent wall. If your teen is an aspiring artist, designate wall space for a mural or paint a wall with chalkboard paint, which can be doodled on and erased again and again. On the other hand, if your teenager prefers posters and pictures, think about covering a wall in cork, which will stand up well to push pins and staples.

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