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How to Putt

by Staff Writer

Golf putter

Knowing how to put well is an essential aspect of any successful golfer's game. No matter how far you can drive the golf ball, you're going to have to putt once you're on the green, and a quality putting game can dramatically lower your golf score. Many golfers practice every other phase of their game but leave their golf putter to chance. Fortunately, with the steps listed below and the right golf gear, you can improve your putting quickly and easily.


  1. Prepare yourself mentally. Visualize the putt going into the hole and think positively.

  2. There are a few ways to grip the putter, but the most common is the reverse overlap. It will help you avoid breaking your wrists and flicking at the ball. You want to attempt a smooth sweeping motion not a flick. A reverse overlap grip is accomplished like this:

    • Put your bottom hand (right if you're right-handed) on the grip of the golf club with the thumb straight down.

    • Put your top hand, except for your top index finger, on the grip and slide it down until your hands touch.

    • Place your top index finger over the top of your bottom hand's fingers.

  3. Now address the golf ball. Stand up straight and extend your arms, holding the putter. Bring your elbows into your rib cage and keep your arms in this close position.

  4. Your position relative to the ball is essential to a good putt. Line up your feet and shoulders as squarely to the ball as you can. Your head and your hands should be more or less directly above the golf ball. You should be approximately two and a half putter-head lengths away from the ball but practice until you find the perfect spot for your stroke. With practice, you will learn if you need to play the ball farther forward or back in your stance.

  5. You're ready for the stroke. Keep your head, body and knees still; only move your arms and shoulders.

  6. Follow through your stroke, keeping your body still. Feel it in your arms and shoulders and don't lift your head up until you've struck the ball.

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