How to Put a Slipcover on a Sofa

How to Put a Slipcover on a Sofa

Don't throw away that old couch just yet. Instead, why not give it a facelift? You can freshen up your old sofa with a brand new sofa slipcover instead of buying a brand new piece of furniture. A slipcover can save you hundreds of dollars. Once you have chosen the correct slipcover for the size and style of your sofa, you can follow these easy steps to ensure that your slipcover looks great and stays in place.

One-Piece Slipcover:

  1. Remove all throw pillows from your sofa.
  2. Spread the slipcover over the sofa from the front to the back. Drape the arms of the slipcover over the arms of the sofa and pull the cover over the back of the sofa.
  3. Follow the remaining steps using your wooden spatula to ensure a neat, tight tuck.
  4. Use your wooden spatula to tuck any excess fabric from the inside arm of the sofa into the crease between the arm rest and the seat. Repeat with the other side.
  5. Pull any excess fabric from the middle of the sitting area toward the arm. Tuck the excess fabric into the crease near the arm. Repeat with other side.
  6. Pull any excess fabric along the backrest and tuck it tightly into the crease underneath the back support.
  7. One-piece slipcovers typically have ties along the skirt. Tie these to pull the fabric around the base of the sofa tight.
  8. Replace your throw pillows and enjoy.

Two-Piece Slipcover:

  1. Remove all the pillows and seat cushions from your sofa.
  2. Follow steps two through six for the one-piece slipcover.
  3. Place the seat cushion(s) inside the seat-cushion cover and zip the cover closed. Place the seat cushions on your sofa, arrange your throw pillows and enjoy.

Slipcover Tip:

With regular use, your slipcover will loosen slightly. You will need to smooth and re-tuck your slipcover regularly to keep it looking its best.