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How to Properly Roll a Coleman Air Mattress

by Craig Blake

Woman relaxing on a Coleman air mattress

The time has finally come. After an enjoyable, relaxing and ironically tiring camping trip, it is time to roll up your Coleman air mattress. Don't panic quite yet. Although some of us have learned to look forward to the rolling of an inflatable air mattress with dread, it doesn't have to be so difficult. Here are some steps to make sure rolling up your Coleman air mattress isn't the ordeal you've been anticipating.

Rolling a Coleman Air Mattress:

  1. Release the air. Pull the air plug or untwist the air valve to release the air. Some Coleman air mattresses self-inflate, so just opening the air valve won't evacuate the air. Push down on the mattress to help rid it of air faster. If you have a thin self-inflating Coleman air mattress, you can collect pockets of air to squeeze out by folding the mattress over on itself. Be careful not to damage the air valve or put unnecessary strain on the Coleman air mattress by trying to release air by jumping on it or using other sudden actions. Slow, steady pressure will be enough to eventually empty the mattress of air.

  2. Don't plug airflow. Especially if you have a self-inflating Coleman air bed, you might be tempted to plug the airflow after evacuating the air to prevent it from filling back up. While that might seem useful for a moment, it will eventually make it impossible to completely empty the mattress of air. No matter what type of Coleman air mattress you have, you'll find more air will escape as you roll it, so leave the air valve open.

  3. Fold it if necessary. Some larger air beds require you to fold them over before you roll. Others roll straight up. If yours requires to be folded in order to fit into its storage bag, make sure to fold it properly before rolling. Most Coleman air mattresses of this type will fold in tri-fold style.

  4. Roll slowly and tightly. If you roll too quickly, you won't leave time for additional air to escape and make it impossible to roll it tightly. It's better to take your time now than have to do it again after you can't fit your Coleman air mattress into its storage tube. Use your knuckles and fingertips to compact the material tightly as you roll it in your palms.

  5. Secure the air mattress. Some Coleman air mattresses have a tube of fabric to hold them after being rolled; however, you might be using rope or bungee cords to secure your Coleman air mattress. Either way, use your knees or find a friend to help you keep the air mattress tightly rolled before securing it. If you are doing it yourself, squeeze the air mattress between your legs as you slide it further into the storage tube or secure it with rope or bungee cords.

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