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How to Play Disc Golf

by Randall Shatto

Man playing disc golf

Different age groups, as well as people with physical limitations, can enjoy disc golf, which is commonly known as Frisbee golf. This lawn game consists of rules similar to regular golf; however, you play with a flying disc or Frisbee. You can set up the game course in a back yard, park, beach or other outdoor play space. Before starting game play, you must determine the number of holes as well as the course. The object of game play is to throw the Frisbee into a basket or hit a landmark.

Playing Disc Golf:

  1. Gather the number of players to participate and the equipment. Two players and a Frisbee for each player is a requirement. You can also set up baskets. The baskets should be wide enough to catch the disc. Set up the baskets in a course setting. Decide among the players how many holes the course will include and where they will be. Of course, a basket is not a requirement for Frisbee golf. You can use trees or other outdoor landmarks for the targets in this lawn game.

  2. Start at a specific designation, such as a tree or rock formation. The first person lines up and throws his disc at the first landmark or hole in the disc golf course. Then he stands off to the side around the area where his disc lands and waits for the second player to throw. Stand off the course, away from the middle of game play. Repeat until all players' turns are complete.

  3. Initiate the second round. The person whose disc is farthest away from the basket or hole throws first. He either will hit the target or will have a chance at the first basket again. The players rotate throwing their disc. If the person hits the goal, he gathers his disc and waits until the others have completed the hole.

  4. Keep track of the players and how many strokes they take to hit each target. The goal of disc golf is to get your disc to the basket or target in the fewest throws, or "strokes," as possible.

  5. The person who completed the previous hole in the lowest number of throws starts play on the next hole. At the end of the game, the person with the lowest number of strokes wins.

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